Thursday, April 30, 2009

Race for the Cure II

Hey all- it's not too late if you would like to join Team Miracle Miles or donate to the cause as we join Race for the Cure on June 7th!!! Come and join us- make some joyful noise, take a walk on a beautiful course down by the water in Downtown Seattle- you'll be glad you did- promise! :)

Check out this link to video- from the Komen Foundation- Good stuff!

I can tell you that even after this many years- it never gets old- watching the Survivor Parade at the end- I cry every time- it's sooooo powerful to watch- to know that our efforts to raise funds and awareness for early detection is what helps that parade of pink- grow every single year!

I'm rooting for so many this year- including my co-worker's husband who has it- remember- it's not just related to women's health!!!!

So come and walk with us- sing, dance and laugh our way through the4 3.2 mile course- it's not hard and it's fun!!!!

Enjoy the sunshine and find something to make you giggle! xoxo D

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