Tuesday, July 27, 2010

God's Country

It's what my mom always called the Camas Prairie, where we were both born and raised- and so were her parents and grand parents.....it's home. It always has been. It always will be. And it doesn't matter how many years I've been gone- it's still home. Time marches on- and the faces are bit rounder and have a few more wrinkles- but they are still the same friendly and familiar faces I've known my whole life. There is such comfort in knowing that you can always go home.... even if it's not your home anymore.

I didn't waste much time trying to get away from my little country town once I had graduated high school. I had a job that took me away from farming and ranching the day after graduation. and when the summer closed- I moved four hours away to the big city of Boise to enter the great big world of university. There's a lot of miles and water under the bridge that have brought me to where I sit today.... I'm a long way from where I started, that's for sure.... but it's not so far that I can't go back.

I had the opportunity to go back to Grangeville over the 4th of July this year. (and for once this year- it wasn't for a funeral....)

It's been a forever standing rule that you just know- that every decade- your class reunion is on the 4th of July- right in the middle of Border Days- which is Idaho's oldest (and one of the oldest in the NW) rodeo. Our tiny little town swells from about 3,500 to about 12,000. It's crazy and silly and a righteously good time. There are parades and street games, great street/fair food vendors- some have been there every year since the dawn of man I think, rodeos, art in the park, class reunions, family reunions...... it's crazy- and it's weirdly comfortable all at the same time. Time sort of stands still over the 4th- I had several moments where I could flash back and be 8,12,16..... it was a great walk down memory lane, so to speak. It was also crazy fun to be reunited with the majority of the folks I spent at least 12 years of my life with in school . Our reunion was great fun- tons of laughs- and I'm so glad I went!

I also had the chance to show with my dad at his art show- this was really the first time I got to be his peer- not just his kid... another sort of gold-star moment. But it was also the first time this show had happened without my mom..... and it was definitely felt- by everyone who knew us and came in to see us- there were lots of tears and kisses and memories. I was widely reminded again at how loved and appreciated she was- and that is always a good thing.

I was walking around the house one evening- and walked out behind the woodshed. I don't remember this cross being there before.... but with great irony.... at the foot of it- were pure white Shasta Daisies.... which have always been her favorite- and exactly where I used to park my old '52 Chev that we had named 'Shasta.... (cause she hasta have a lot of fixin up.....). I knew my mom's spirit was all around me that week- and it was good.

So I leave you with a few shots of the classic small town parade and symbols that says Grangeville to those who've lived it- and 'Americana' all over it.... and I wouldn't change if I could. Enjoy- and remember to live simply today- and do small things with love. mwah! xoox Didi

mmmmm margarita cupcakes...

Many of you know that I've been trying to live a better and healthier lifestyle the last 6 month- and through diet and a lot of exercise- I have managed to lose 30 pounds... which I'm very proud of!

In fact- yesterday- my youngest daughter wrapped her arms around my waist for a hug yesterday and she pulled back in surprise and exclaimed, "MOMMY!!!! my hands touch when I hug you now!!!!" I think that was probably one of the best compliment yet.

Of course- we can't be good ALLLLLLL the time- so I give you my pastry creation from this weekend..... 'ritacakes..... I made margarita flavored cupcakes- and they were/still are amazing!

I hope you are all out enjoying the sun this week- Cheers! xoxo D

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gorgeous Gaetana.....

I do so love a great pin-up session! And last night was certainly no exception!

Gaetana is an East Coast Italian girl with all the classic good looks of the starlets of days gone by and the higher education to be envied by most in any decade.... she smart, sophisticated and talented.... and did I mention- absolutely gorgeous????

G has the looks and the persona of the Italian Divas of eras gone by... Sophia Loren, Gina Lolabridgita, Giancarlo Giannini, and even some of the more recent actresses....Isabella Rossalini, Tea Leone.... the list goes on.... but what never goes out style is elegance... and whether that is fully clothed- down to the hat and gloves... or next to nothing- elegance and confidence- is what what sensual is all about.

G- I had the most amazing time with you- can't wait to work with you again. :) xoox D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Pretties...

* Oni Spice sporting multiple headbands*

My girl Fi Fi at Daydream Believer has been very crafty and busy this summer- she's turning out some seriously cute stuff lately!
Aside from the knit-werks that she's been creating as newborn and toddler props for me....(and I LOVE her long time for those!!!) She has been creating the super versatile dahlia headbands and rose clips for the big girls and the vintage hats and rose headbands for the babes... and they are soooo cute!
She also has some of the coolest/softest infant burp rags ever!!! Seriously- if you have to wear one for 6 months... make it a fashion statement!
You can find her here:
*Baby M sporting the vintage rose hat & headbands*

* Baby B in the infant teddy bear hat*
*Gabbi Spice in the Dahlia stretch*

*Gabbi Spice with a vintage rose clip slid into her loose pony*
*Both the vintage rose and the dahlia come in a variety of colors*

Monday, July 19, 2010

Post Cards from Home Tour

I'm not sure I even had time to mention in all of the chaos that has been the last couple of months that I was invited to show with my famous daddy over the 4th of July in Grangeville!

He was holding his 23rd Annual Geis Bronze Show at US Bank on Main in Grangeville. I and Mallory Silversmiths from Enterprise, Oregon were the guest artists. We had a great 3day indoor event with constant foot traffic- and we all did very well. :)

I feel like my first show was a success- I sold several framed prints, cards and calendars that feature my work. I called my exhibit Post Cards from Home. It features the images that are significant to me about my life growing up in Idaho County- and they were aged out- as if looking back nostalgic... and they become more vivid in color and contrast as you moved toward where I was sitting- in the present- in my crazy and colorful world in Seattle.

I have since received more requests for the calendars since arriving home.... for the images of Idaho County.......so in this first grouping- you can get a glimpse of the feel of that calendar. The next two sets feature the color and feel of the other calendar that I also have stock on hand for, the 2011, 'A Walk in the Park'. The calendars are gorgeous satin finish 10x13 heavy stock papers- on a double spiral binding. {$22.50}
And I also have prints in simple elegant glass only frames (w/ minimalist silver clips ) @ {$25 & up} and 10 packs of cards with my images on them {$15} for the perfect gift! (or treat yourself....)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bellingham Highland Games

So I know that I haven't been blogging much lately- and I do apologize for that. I have had several trips and adventures this year- and it is so good to get out and see friends and make a momentary break from my office chair.... but that means that I was away from my office chair- and not staying current on client photos.... so I've been diligently working all week and have moved some files off of my open desktop- *yay me!* And since I had a couple of minutes tonight- I thought I'd share my trip to the Bellingham Highland Games. This was their 50th year- and it was one heck of a party!

This event brings out a tremendous variety of people. From the performers to the costumed fantasy player, the bikers, the families, the athletes and those who are simply curious.... this event is a people watching bonanza!!! From the beautiful to the strange, the way over the top eccentric to.... I just don't even know what to say about that sho-lo-mullet-rat-tail stuff..... but it warranted a photo- because I knew for a fact that no one would believe me if I told them!If you have never attended- you should! The competitions, color and pageantry- the rites and rituals... and just the all out fun of it all! Make the trip next June- you'll be glad you did!

The beer gardens are a huge draw as well..... and it was good.... I worked the garden this year with my friends Karlene, Heidi and Jared- we were all sporting t-shirts that read 'Blue Ewe Brew Crew'.... and I wore it proudly. :) I had a ball talking with folks as I took their money and gave them their tickets to beer happiness from Boundary Bay Brewery!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'd do it all over again....

You know how when you look at photographs of your life and you think 'wow... that was a lifetime ago'.... and yet- it seems like it was just yesterday? That's how I feel when I look at this shot.... 15 years ago today, in Ciboney, Ochos Rios Jamaica, I married the man of my dreams. And I'd do it all over again!

Love you baby- Happy Anniversary- here's to the next 50! (and hoping we're still chasing each other around in our walkers!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Karmah & Katie

Life has a funny way of coming back around to you, you know?

Such is the case with Katie. As we were driving around looking for places to shoot her senior session last week - we were laughing about the fact that I've known her since before she was born.... which is cool but made me suddenly feel really old!

And there was such irony about all the circumstances that surrounded this shoot- all I could do was shake my head and laugh..... our connections, the locations, the people and time elapsed.... crazy stuff, you know?

It's kind of like I was just meant to know this girl. And to know her is to love her..... and with someone who is so effortlessly beautiful.... I mean really truly.... I've never seen more amazing skin- flawless- and a perfect spray of freckles..... (need I say more about the freckles?????? I LOVE them!) eyes that shimmer even in the dimmest light situations and huge bright smile....

You'd think that someone this pretty would perhaps have an attitude.... but she doesn't.

And you'd think that someone this pretty would be high maintenance.... but she's not.

In fact- and this was a first for me.... this girl kept the same outfit on for the entire shoot- and changed her favorite locations and used them as her accessories! We drove to 3 of the 4 corners of the planet that night- but it was well worth it!

I know this girl will go far- as she has angels watching over her..... Best of luck this year my dear! xoxo Didi