Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good book?

This caught my eye today- I'm intrigued.... anyone else heard of this book? Read it? Reviews?


Soaked in Seattle

Ahhhhh---- Seattle-Don't like the weather???? Just wait five minutes and it will change.... Life sometimes like the weather can be mighty unpredictable. I am looking at all the photos that I shot this weekend and it was like journal-ing new beginnings for all of them, all the way around. I feel really, truly blessed that people call on me and ask me to be a part of their lives- their ups, their downs and their everythings in between.

Tam and her kids are spreading their wings and starting a new chapter in their lives and they wanted new photos to document this benchmark. But they didn't want traditional- the more urban and industrial and funky the better.... So I got to just be their walker-stalker while they met with some added family (who were the BEST helpers ever!!!), grabbed coffee and the world's biggest donut to share and walked and talked and giggled- worked the Market Place scene, the pig and the bubble gum wall and down Post Alley.

It rained, it poured, it misted.... and as we were getting off the elevator to hop in the cars... the sun came out...... go figure.

I suppose it was the universal metaphor... we can weather any storm together- as a family.

Hug yours tight and enjoy their company- take time to laugh out loud and maybe, shake your butt and dance a bit!

Guys- if you are reading this- thanks for asking me to come and play with your beautiful faces! xoxxo- Much love- Didi

Monday, March 22, 2010


I had gorgeous weather and permission to invade the yard where this magnificent Magnolia tree resides.... so I wanted to update my pix of my girls- and drug a few of their friends with me on Saturday.... I'd like to say it was easy- warm and fuzzy kids with little bunnies.... the reality is... it was a lot like herding cats or monkeys...... but we did manage a few pretty shots of each kid- so I'm happy.

I love the way it looks like we were someplace tropical- the color wash makes it look like a postcard from Hawaii circa 1953...... it was a cocktail worth experience afterwards- but all of us mommies will be happy with a few new snaps of the offspring. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kickin Cancer's @$$

I think that sums it up, don't you???? I love, love, love this first photo! Miss Cindy stopped by to see me today- I ran into her last week- and she's doing great! So I asked her to come by for a few minutes and shoot an "after"......

You might remember her from the "Who Let the Girls Out Event" last may when she was going through treatment. And look at her now- WOW!!!
Those eyes and that smile.... so pretty!

And I love this- here's to more birthdays!

Absolutely radiant!

Thanks for coming to play with me today!


Can even begin to tell you how much fun I had this morning with Miss Olivia??? How sweet is this face- seriously???? We shot for almost 2 hours- not a tear or a fuss one!

I was so happy to finally meet her..... you might remember her parents a few months ago....


and they are so fun and laid back- and they don't question my craziness- they just join in! Thanks so much for coming to play with me today guys! xoxo D

Monday, March 15, 2010

Adorable Alex

Wow! Where did the weekend go???? It was a two day bonanza of baby sessions, birthday parties, birthday cakes, fun surprise drop in company that evolved into a mini party and sports banquets. 48 hours goes like 45 minutes when you run crazy like we do here in this house!

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet boy Alex and his momma Kristen yesterday. (Alex is the "boyfriend" of sweet baby Adi and one of these days- we'll get all that cuteness together in one photo!)

We had a fun time playing and chatting- momma Kristen was creative & fun and brought great toys and distractions for Alex- (I was too distracted with those amazing eyes and beautiful creamy baby skin to think of boy props- so I'm super glad she came prepared! )

Thanks for coming to play with me guys- can't wait for our next session together! xoox D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sweetest Things...

Ok... how freakin cute is this cake- seriously?????? My girl Dr. Nicky called and said she needed help taking pix of her newest cake creation- so I set up the garage studio and was totally blown away when she arrived- she did an amazing job on her daughter's birthday cake! Not to shabby considering it was only her SECOND time working with fondant!!!!!! I'm sure it will be a huge hit tomorrow!