Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Soaked in Seattle

Ahhhhh---- Seattle-Don't like the weather???? Just wait five minutes and it will change.... Life sometimes like the weather can be mighty unpredictable. I am looking at all the photos that I shot this weekend and it was like journal-ing new beginnings for all of them, all the way around. I feel really, truly blessed that people call on me and ask me to be a part of their lives- their ups, their downs and their everythings in between.

Tam and her kids are spreading their wings and starting a new chapter in their lives and they wanted new photos to document this benchmark. But they didn't want traditional- the more urban and industrial and funky the better.... So I got to just be their walker-stalker while they met with some added family (who were the BEST helpers ever!!!), grabbed coffee and the world's biggest donut to share and walked and talked and giggled- worked the Market Place scene, the pig and the bubble gum wall and down Post Alley.

It rained, it poured, it misted.... and as we were getting off the elevator to hop in the cars... the sun came out...... go figure.

I suppose it was the universal metaphor... we can weather any storm together- as a family.

Hug yours tight and enjoy their company- take time to laugh out loud and maybe, shake your butt and dance a bit!

Guys- if you are reading this- thanks for asking me to come and play with your beautiful faces! xoxxo- Much love- Didi

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Neats said...

Hello Didi!

Love the pics of Tamara & her kids! So very, very cute!

Anita (Nicole's older sister)