Sunday, June 28, 2009

Driving Little Miss Daisies...

Daisies- a sure sign that summer is here. Fresh, clean, simple- elegant- goes with anything- it's like the little black dress of summer!

I keep driving past this patch on the side of the road- for years I've promised myself- that I'd stop some June- and take photos in this spot.

Tonight- was that night! It took a little bit of bribery- (my homemade chocolate chip cookies to be exact) to get the kids to do a quick "stop, drop & roll" with me tonight- but it was well worth it!

The dusk light, and funky turquoise chair, simple and frilly little dresses- and a perfect patch of wild daisies and tall bleached by the sun wild grasses.

****(HUGE thank you to Jackie at DIVA 911 who indulged my goofy need to borrow this chair from a display in the front window of her uber-chic shop here in Lake Stevens. If you haven't stopped in yet- you should.......SUPER cute stuff!!!!!) You can find here here: *****

I'm so crazy about my two girls- but feel like sometimes- I get so wrapped up in taking photos of everyone else's kids.... that I neglect to take enough of my own. And then- I remember why they are becoming less frequent.... because I have infinite patience with everyone else's kids- but my own. (I think, mainly because- my kids have grown up with me- and the camera in their face- they KNOW what to do- and yet- strangely, inexplicably, can't seem to follow the simplest of directions- where timing and lighting is everything. It makes me totally, completely, INSANE!!!!!) Whew! Ok- now that I have that off of my chest.....

Gabbi- is easy because she still loves to have her portraits taken- but she does get super silly and off track, and you have to reel her back in.....where as Oni- just doesn't want to play- at all. She's at that weird-o self conscious age that will now likely last for about the next 6 decades!

Anyhoo- enough rambling from this tired girl. I hope that you all had a fan-tab-u-lous weekend in the sun! xoox Didi

A Bun in the oven......

Question of the day.... where did the term "bun in the oven come from" ???? Anyone else believe in signs???

I do- I see things all the time that point to bigger things- the unexplained smack upside my all knowing- greater being. I'm sure it could be argued that these things are "luck" or "chance" ..... but I'm going to go with divine inspiration.

I met T&R last night for the first time when they arrived at my house for photos. We hopped in my car and drove around and did several "stop, drop & rolls" as I like to call them- just driving and walking around downtown, looking for inspiration.

The wording in this empty store front caught my eye. For a couple of reasons- first- I just thought was cute- but when then- when I got T's attention and pointed to it- and we both grinned ear to ear..........I got the impression that this couple was not only expecting a miracle in the sense of creating a life, nurturing it in your belly and laboring to give life.... but that it may not have been an easy venture.... something I'm quite familiar with. So I thought it was fitting to include that text somewhere in our session.

It was an absolutely glorious evening- and we covered a good amount of ground- hunting for fun spots to shoot. They were so good natured to humor my sometimes odd requests. I usually tell folks when we start a session- "you're going to think I'm crazy (and really- that's not too far from the truth....) - at least once during our shoot- but you've just got to trust- and go with it.

The colors and textures we found were perfection!
This is going to be one gorgeous baby- both parents are so tall and good looking! (his eyes- her smile.... can't miss!) :)

T&R are both so funny and sooooo crazy in love and it shows in how they joke with each and lavish kisses and touches on one another. There's no greater gift parents can give to their children- than to show each other affection- these two will be wonderful role models!

What a perfect way to end our day- on the waterfront at sundown...

I can't wait to meet this baby- Congrats guys- thanks for choosing me to chronicle this most amazing journey for you! xoox Didi

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jay & Lovely's Wedding Day

I think by now, we all know that I don't usually do weddings..... but for a select few- I will. My requirements are fun, small & intimate, fun, no bridzillas, fun, outdoor venue, and uhmmm... FUN!

So when Carly (Mrs. D to my kids) asked if I would consider covering her brother Jay's wedding at her parents place- I was intrigued.... because she's FUN- and she told me her family is just like her.... so I figured it would be a good time. :)

And they were! The venue was amazing, and they pulled from a talented pool of resources in their friends and family to help them pull it all together. The catering was done by Carly's Aunti & cousin and it was showstopping! The cake was done by a family friend- a gorgeous three tiers of Swiss-dot goodness on a plate! (When Carly was in college- her mom would box this lady's cake up and mail it to her!) The whole family all gets a funny glazed look on their face when you talk about a cake from Anna....

This whole scene takes understated elegance to a new level- clean lines, b&w with touches of pink, it was about having fun and enjoying friends and family and joining Jay & Lovely- they are proof that fate works in funny ways-

The best man- and life long best friend- giving the groom a hand and a good laugh!

Meanwhile Carly & mom Sandy- help Lovely get into her dress

Her cousin did Lovely's hair & make-up like a pro- and tops the perfect 'do- with a simple veil and then the emotion set in....

Even tho we were doing all their photos before the ceremony - we still had to surprise Jay with his first look at his princess....

A quick moment alone... before I started chasing them around. :)

This shot above, by the way is my fave- blown up big- this is gorgeous!

Lovely really is...... stunning!

Carly with her niece, the intended flower girl... even if she wasn't sure she wanted to be.....

The groom's Grand-dad giving a toast to the couple and to Lovely's family who are all still in the Philippines and not able to attend.

Shimmering and elegant centerpieces at dusk-

I love the sneak-peak of the couple over the champagne bucket-

Love this photo- and wish I could say it's all me...but I'm channeling one of my fave photogs- can't take credit for this cute idea.

The groom's daddy walking Lovely down the isle- she's so darned cute!

It's official- congrats guys- thanks for including me in your joy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Basketball camp

I did momentarily question my own sanity- signing the kids up for more basketball only a few days after school let out for summer.... but only for a moment. As if fate had purposefully stepped in- and passed me the flyer at Oni's last game a couple of weeks ago.....
This camp/clinic was being put on by the Snohomish High Lady Panthers and their coaching staff- as a fund raiser for the Booster Club and to help foster excitement with the younger girls about Ladies hoops. And boy did it! My girls would really like it if I could drive them to the next town for school so they can be a Lady Panther...... I explained that they would be a "Colt" and the High School girls all agreed- that Cavelero- was a tough team and they would do well there. :)

The team girls were patient and fun- and all of the girls at this clinic seemed to listen and benefit.

Oni's shooting and free-throw abilities- have really come around.... she's even working on the one leg lay-up right now!

Oni's already at shoulder height with the high school girls.... and I panned down from this shot-

Look at baby-Shaq's feet!!!! My Lord- if she grows into those feet- 6'4" baby- tall girls rule!!! (The girls in this group are her peers- 2-4th graders......) Gabbi- not far behind is right next to her.....

As usual- Gabbi having fun- Oni- getting pretty darned good at drills these days. :)
I'm glad we made the trip down this week- it was time and money well spent. More technique, more drills and more confidence. :)