Sunday, June 28, 2009

Driving Little Miss Daisies...

Daisies- a sure sign that summer is here. Fresh, clean, simple- elegant- goes with anything- it's like the little black dress of summer!

I keep driving past this patch on the side of the road- for years I've promised myself- that I'd stop some June- and take photos in this spot.

Tonight- was that night! It took a little bit of bribery- (my homemade chocolate chip cookies to be exact) to get the kids to do a quick "stop, drop & roll" with me tonight- but it was well worth it!

The dusk light, and funky turquoise chair, simple and frilly little dresses- and a perfect patch of wild daisies and tall bleached by the sun wild grasses.

****(HUGE thank you to Jackie at DIVA 911 who indulged my goofy need to borrow this chair from a display in the front window of her uber-chic shop here in Lake Stevens. If you haven't stopped in yet- you should.......SUPER cute stuff!!!!!) You can find here here: *****

I'm so crazy about my two girls- but feel like sometimes- I get so wrapped up in taking photos of everyone else's kids.... that I neglect to take enough of my own. And then- I remember why they are becoming less frequent.... because I have infinite patience with everyone else's kids- but my own. (I think, mainly because- my kids have grown up with me- and the camera in their face- they KNOW what to do- and yet- strangely, inexplicably, can't seem to follow the simplest of directions- where timing and lighting is everything. It makes me totally, completely, INSANE!!!!!) Whew! Ok- now that I have that off of my chest.....

Gabbi- is easy because she still loves to have her portraits taken- but she does get super silly and off track, and you have to reel her back in.....where as Oni- just doesn't want to play- at all. She's at that weird-o self conscious age that will now likely last for about the next 6 decades!

Anyhoo- enough rambling from this tired girl. I hope that you all had a fan-tab-u-lous weekend in the sun! xoox Didi

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