Sunday, November 29, 2009

Crash test dummies....

One more thing on my list of "things I am thankful for..." My sweet girls- who today- acted as my crash-test-dummies while I got my lighting set for baby Kameron's visit.

My beautiful babies are growing up so quickly.... I ran across their keepsake boxes from when they were newborns.... Big Daddy & I got all misty looking at their first itty-bitty tennis shoes and the outfits they came home from the hospital in..... and I'm so glad I've taken the thousands of photos of them thus far- because... every time I blink- they've changed....


Kam- meet......well.... everyone! Everyone- Meet Kameron! (I got to meet him earlier today)

He's 9 days old and just the tiniest, sweetest baby! I met his folks while shooting my friend Cathy's wedding last fall. So I was thrilled when they called me Friday to see if I could fit them in for some newborn shots- uhm,,, y-ahhhhh!!! I could have snuggled him all day long (and I did snuggle him frequently today...)
He's so alert and soooo strong- quite the little wiggle worm he was...

Oh how I love these daddy pix....
And how sweet is his pretty momma???

I won't even start on how much I loved his little feet......

and these two- make me melt...

This looks like a perfect Christmas card........I'd say that he's the perfect Christmas gift, don't you agree?
Thanks so much for choosing me guys! xoox d

Where'd she go????

You know that my life has hit super-nova overdrive when I haven't posted in two weeks+, huh?

I have been on the fly for months but this last couple of weeks- is the collective end of my busy season, and I'm frantically trying to get every one's photos finished for the holidays, and fit in a few last minute sessions and some brand new arrivals- that you have to catch as they happen!

Our family went from the normal busy to uber crazed as basketball season is here- both girls are playing- and to make it better/worse... they were hand picked to be on the SAME team....a team that falls in the middle of their skill sets... so this first game on Saturday- should prove to be interesting.... Ron has the chauffeur duty for basketball and is helping coach the team with coach Scott. (God Bless those two- they have infinite patience with the girls!)

I have added official PTA membership and Chamber of Commerce to my resume this month, and have become an official business with the state... so it's been a truly exciting month! Natural Approach is growing up!

Thanksgiving was a great time spent with friends and family and some righteous food! We have so much to thankful for here in the Miles home... and I am particularly thankful for all of you- my friends and clients to visit regularly to see what's new. You keep the wind in my sails and your words of praise and the referrals you send my way - are what keep me going- so thank you, thank you, thank you!

Let's start decorating and baking- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......xoox Didi

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Masquerade photos

Ok kids- let's see if this works- For anyone who wanted to see more of the masquerade ball from a couple of weeks ago.... here's the link to the Kodak Photo Gallery that I shared them on.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh Beautiful.......

When you see a photo of our flag....... can you hear the snap of the cotton as it blows in the wind?

Can you hear Ray Charles' version of ......'America, the Beautiful.... or your favorite version of The Star Spangled Banner..... Battle Hymn of the Republic....My Country 'tis Of Thee.......or even Toby Keith's Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue???? Does the sight of such and image make you stop and think? What does it evoke in you? Does it make you all giddy inside? Do you stand a bit taller in your shoes? Do you get a bit teary? Does it make you wonder what your life would be like living somewhere else? Does it make you think of what and where our service men & women are doing right now?

Does it remind you -that we are so blessed to live here- with all of the freedoms and privileges we are granted every single day in this country. All brought to us courtesy of the men & women who serve our country past and present, with unwavering faith, strength, pride and courage.

It does for me.... I can't stand and sing the Star Spangled Banner or America the Beautiful without crying. And when I see a flag billowing in the wind- against a killer sky- it makes me all giddy- I have so many photos I've taken of US flags.... the sight makes me happy- makes me smile big- makes me stand tall and say a little prayer of thanks. Thanks to the military men & women who serve- and do a job that frankly not many could or would.....
And regardless of your individual views on the current conflicts- please- take a moment to take stock and to reflect on all that is good in your life... and how different your life could be if you lived on a different continent.
If you feel so inclined- thank a vet- they take on the tasks of fighting, protecting and serving not just our country- but many others- by doing and seeing things that most of us- could never-EVER imagine.

To the vets in my life- and to the complete strangers..... Thank you- your service doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated in our home.
Much love- The Miles Family

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pictures in the Park

Just a super quick glimpse from today.... I met at Lundeen Park- on the north end of beautiful Lake Stevens today with two local families.

I was pleasantly surprised that

1- it wasn't pouring rain as predicted, and
2- that there were still so many beautiful leaves to be had!

It was apparent with the chill in the air- that fall is about done- and winter is almost certainly- just around the corner!

(I was joking with Matt & Andrea- that I was pretty sure that my blue fingers, had the beginnings of hypothermia after nearly two hours in cold today!)

It was worth it tho- we got some fun family shots for both Shawn & her boys and Matt & Andrea and their boys.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well, Hello Addie! I've been waiting to meet you! Last time I saw you- you were still in mommy's tummy!
Sweet girl- so beautiful and sooooo patient with us grown-ups today! And look at those lashes- are you kidding me???? She's got daddy's incredible lashes and her mommy's beautiful smile- can't go wrong there!
(ok- pardon me while I get all mushy here... love big daddy hands and little baby parts..)

Move over Santa- Addie is WAY cuter!

(Hi Gerber- I've got your next baby right here....)
I had a ball today guys- thanks for choosing me!


Welcome baby Sylas!!!! Everyone... this is Sylas... Sylas... this- is everyone...... Sylas is three days old and has been eagerly anticipated by our entire neighborhood! I'm so excited I finally get to meet him today! Not much in this world cuter than newborn babies...
(except maybe wrinkly little baby feets!!!!! Oh! How I love them!!!!)

He is totally loved on by his big brother Ayden and daddy Dane.

I'm such a sucker for daddy & baby shots.... and all of Dane's ink- is such a beautiful contrast to the soft baby. And Alicia- looks so peaceful and pretty holding him.

Congrats guys! And thanks so much for letting take his photos today! xoxo D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends

We've all seen & heard the tag-line, "Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends...."
where it relates to breast cancer/health awareness- and it sounds good.....

But what happens when it's YOUR family? When it touches your life- every fiber of your soul? When it's YOUR mother? YOUR daughter? YOUR sister? YOUR friend?

You grab each other and hold on tight- you hold each other up- physically and emotionally. This family has been down this road several times- "Nana" Josie is a survivor- who's bouncing back yet again after the most recent round of treatments. I felt so honored that this family would ask me to photograph them- and help capture memories of this trip for them! Nana & Aunti Mo- it was a pleasure to meet you- and to my Trishy & kids- love you much!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun


Ghouls & goblins, witches, villains, angels, princesses, and even a Bo-Peep... we had them all! We even had a pretty anatomically correctly carved melon- literally and figuratively..... you want something done right- you go to the pros........the good Dr. Morin carved the brain from a melon and covered in cherry juice and it was a huge hit- What started out as a couple of us neighbors doing a pre-func turned into an all out party and good deal of chaos- topped off with monsoon weather. It's the first night I've ever trick-or-treated with a golf umbrella, that's for sure.... But we had a ball- rotating houses for a different acidity at each house and food here at ours.

There was a pinata, a donut drop, apple bobbing, fishing for eyeballs, and a treasure find in the hay- topped with lots of great snacks and tons of pizza!

This shot of Bo-peep was one of my faves...

Ahhhh- the bucket-o-apples for bobbing- I'm grounded- I pulled all the stems out.... bad aunti,.... bad aunti..... (heeeeheeeeeheee)

Storm Troopers and a Skywalker....

Indiana Jones even made an appearance....

Annie stopped in- her twin brother, however, could not be stopped for comment.....

This cute little gator was having a shy moment...

Medusa was givin me the eyes.....

Meanwhile her brother the great spider... was looking for his next meal- and the occasional eyeball that popped off his costume.....

Little lady bug was just as cute as a bug...

The donut drop was harder than anticipated and messier than hoped for some... but always good for a laugh!

Oni was vampire-licious as we made a break for taking their pix in between cloud bursts and time to take off and go trick-or-treat!

The usual suspects found at my house on almost any given weekend... love these girls to pieces!

Gabbi- be afraid, very, very afraid....

We hope you had a grand Halloween! xoox D