Sunday, June 3, 2012

G-Fam Fun

I met up a couple of weeks ago with the G-fam- and fell in love.
What a gorgeous group- laid back, wholesome goodness- and each with heart-stopping eyes and a few perfectly placed freckles.... {love}
And I love that we played with an urban setting for family photos-
something fun and different.

Didi V.

New Season- New Look

Hey kids- the sun is shining-which means a couple of things- besides the obvious and obligatory watering and mowing of the yard.
It means that it's time to start scheduling your summer and fall photos!!!
Whether you need a new head shot, family photos, milestone events and birthdays or you have a senior who will be graduating Spring 2013- NOW is the time to book your sessions.

The NAP calendar is filling up fast- get your spot now!
{and you all know who you are..... you need a new head shot
'cause I've seen your profile photo on social media.}
Jus' sayin.....


Didi V.

Geepers-Creepers.... where'd you get those peepers......
Wowsers!  Look at those eyes....
 Lil' Miss Stella came to see me for her big girl photos since she's just turning ONE!
What a sweet girl!  I did photos for her big sissy Karla a couple of years ago- and it's a crazy resemblance!

I love being able to follow families and journal their every changing faces....
Good Stuff!
Didi V.

Yay! She's here- she's here- she's finally here!!!!
Introducing the newest star of the T-fam.... Meet Allie!
We've waited for what seems like forever- but she's finally here!

Meet the Knight family.
I'm not sure which I fell in love with first- Mommy's delicious accent, Daddy's sweet smile, or the kid's infectious smiles, curious nature or those eyes and lashes.....
In any case- it was a wonderful way to wake up and spend a morning on Edmond's beach with them