Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fleeting days of Fall

Fall is quickly turning to winter! This whole cold, windy, dark in the morning and dark in the afternoon thing.... is absolutely for the birds!

*insert a big old raspberry here {ppphhhhlllllltttt}*

Mike & Erin and I were doing the happy dance this morning when they arrived to snap fall pix of their sweet girl in the leaves... and the sun kissed us for a few minutes- and quickly turned fickle- and cold.. and wet!

So I'm grateful we got to play for a even just a bit- because this girl is sooooo stinkin' cute!!!!!
Thanks for coming up to see me guys! xoxo Didi V.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raising Riley

So- is it possible for a two year old to be a rock star???? {'Cause I think Riley could be one.... just sayin.....} I can't believe that Miss Riley is already 2!!!!! I met up with her parents at Lundeen Park in North Lake Stevens a couple of weekends ago {yes- I know- I'm crazy behind here- my apologies at not sharing the cute that is this family} and despite the prediction and the fruition of rain- we snuck in under the radar of rain. So how do we capitalize on the total lack of sunshine??? We rock the old skool charm- and play up the cool tones that the clouds gave us!

Oh! - and I'd like to give a shout-out to the ducks that followed us everywhere that morning- {especially after Riley shared her cracker snacks with them} ...without them- we may not have had a shoot at all- it was all about the ducks.... because- did I mention Miss Thing is two?????

We managed to not get rained on- and have a great time in the process- thanks for coming out to play guys!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Smitten with St. Ed's

What a GLORIOUS day yesterday! Perfection in a fall day- we couldn't have asked for better- really, truly!

I met up with Lorraine and her family at St. Edward's Park in Kenmore/Juanita. It used to be a monastery- and the grounds are beautiful! Acres and acres of huge old growth trees, trails that lead to some pretty amazing views of the lake, the grotto, a most amazing play structure {it's a castle- and it r-o-c-k-s}, leaves that are bigger than your head.... it's like one stop shopping for a photographer!

*And just a side note.....speaking of castles and enchanted lands.... if Snow White was a real person- she'd be their daughter Sophie.... for real!!!!*
Thanks for coming to play with me guys- you guys are gorgeous!!! And, I had a ball seeing you and playing in the leaves! xoxo Didi V.

Hauntings and Happenings.....

Just popping in quickly with some of my own hauntings and happenings here at Che Miles.... fall is absolutely one of my favorite times of year... the color and crispness, trips to the pumpkin patch, spiced cider, Carmel apples and pumpkin spice lattes!!! Crisp fall air, fallen leaves, the smell of a wood fire in the fireplace.... mmmmmm....... And I L-O-V-E to decorate for fall and Halloween- as you can see my house is dripping in it... inside and out!
We've also had an inordinately large amount of salamanders, snakes and frogs this Autumn... which makes my kids ridiculously happy... {did I mention that I live with Dr. Doo-Little I & II}
So life here at the Miles house rolls in and into basketball and book reports and pondering who will be what for Halloween.... I'm snapping away like a woman with her hair on fire trying to take advantage of the weather before it goes to... {well you know what I was going to say} winter mode.... I may make it out of hibernation from behind my monitor soon....and come out and be social.... but 'til then- have a great day- make the most of it! Mwah! xoox Didi V.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Aaron and his family met me down at the Market a while back {sorry I'm so far behind}. On a gorgeous day that reminds us why we live here... it was a perfect day! And a great way to spend the afternoon- walking Pike Place Market and the treasure trove that is Western, 1st and Post Alley. Aaron is the quiet type- soft spoken and mellow.... and he's got the coolest eyes and what a great smile!!!!! {and I'm sure it won't be long before we're using something software related that came from his brilliant mind either.....} Best of luck Aaron- I can't wait to see where you go after graduation!


I met Brad at Pike place a couple of weeks ago. We had gorgeous weather- and what a great fit for the urban setting and an urban looking guy! Talk about an intriguing overall look- and GREAT eyes! I love that he was totally willing to lay down in traffic and sit in some odd places for a shot- rock star!!! *wink* Seriously tho- this very art driven student was a great subject- and I'm sure he'll be snapping away soon with his own camera! Thanks for coming to hang out with me!

Brenna Bella

Bella in Italian = 'beautiful'.... and I think Brenna must be close..... she has the Most amazing eyes! This quiet girl with a timid smile will do great things as she sets her mind to it! Best of luck my dear- have a rock star year!


I have to apologize- I've been so busy lately that I haven't given some folks a proper preview- and we have lots of beautiful to share! So without further praddle... I give you Kolbie.

Smart, sassy, goal oriented and mature beyond her years. The fact that she's stunning in a totally natural way certainly doesn't hurt either..... a photography student who dreams of opening her own vegan bakery in a couple of years- she's not your typical senior- and she didn't want typical or traditional photos...{which is right up my alley} so we just had fun!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dodging Drops...

It has been touch-n-go the last week trying to get Mitch's pix shot- the weather has NOT been co-operating- at all.... but we finally got a break in the weather this morning- so we made a run for it. I just love shooting in old downtown Everett and this morning we checked out the train station for a bit- cool space... and cool kid.... casual and totally confident- Mitch was a breeze to work with! And really- need I mention his eyes and freckles.... ???? I'm sure I don't! Can't wait to see where life takes this one.... bust of luck Mitch!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Miss Kitty 2

Hey Miss Kitty Kat.... you're done........ Have a gorgeous wedding day!!!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Holy-busy-Batman!!!!!! What a crazy-crazy weekend again! This weekend saw two bonus brothers Aaron and Brad, who hit the Market and 1st Ave with me on Saturday for their senior sessions. And today started out in the fog and fall leaves at Lundeen with Miss Riley. I capped the afternoon off with two sisters {Brenna & Kolbi) in Downtown Snohomish. We wrapped today- just as the raindrops started. I got to meet some really cook people, laugh a bunch, see some fun stuff and photograph some beautiful- in all of it's varied and wonderful forms!

Thanks for coming out to play with me guys & girls!!!!!

xoox Didi V.