Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fleeting days of Fall

Fall is quickly turning to winter! This whole cold, windy, dark in the morning and dark in the afternoon thing.... is absolutely for the birds!

*insert a big old raspberry here {ppphhhhlllllltttt}*

Mike & Erin and I were doing the happy dance this morning when they arrived to snap fall pix of their sweet girl in the leaves... and the sun kissed us for a few minutes- and quickly turned fickle- and cold.. and wet!

So I'm grateful we got to play for a even just a bit- because this girl is sooooo stinkin' cute!!!!!
Thanks for coming up to see me guys! xoxo Didi V.


Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual Didi! Thanks for the quick turn in getting a couple posted! - Mike

Peckenpaugh Palooza said...

AWESOME - love the one where darling Olivia is looking up at the falling leaves