Monday, November 29, 2010

Blue Christmas

I'll have a blue Christmas without you, I'll be home for Christmas, Silent Night, Silver Bells.... and the Ave Maria... all traditional holiday favorites. And certainly some of mine to sing and memories of mom and I singing them together as we would decorate the tree....

But this year as I break out the egg-nog and decorations and spin the Christmas carols.... it's bitter-sweet. Of all the years since I moved to Washington.... it took my mom's passing- to bring me back home last year. (I am struck with irony and regret on that point....) I am ready to enjoy the holidays- do fun things with my family and sing songs... but a little part of me is feeling overwhelmingly blue...

This week we turn over the calendar to December- to baking and decorating, singing, parties, craft bazaars, shopping, holiday mass.... and to the month where I lost my bestest girl friend ever... my mommy.

I can't believe how fast this year has turned over!.... After losing three of the corner stones of my life in the last year, along with other unexpected peer losses this year.... I'm amazed that it's already time for the holidays again.... and sort of relieved that 2010 is coming to a close. It definately makes you take stock of all the good things in your lives! May 2011 be a fresh start- and may the luck, love and blessings in my life continue.... for I am a very lucky girl!

I'm also reminded again of the quote, "That which does not kill us- makes us stronger..." I was pretty sure that my mom's unexpected death would bury me as well.... how would I survive without my best friend? My biggest cheerleader- my protector and my confidant? I miss her so much- and still reach for the phone to call her.... and then I feel so silly- like how could I forget that?

I decided to decorate for Christmas in her honor.... blue, white and silver- with lots of glass, beads, sparkle, glitter and glitz.... I think she'd approve... it's so not me- but it's definitely her! And if you're a believer of signs..... the big flashy neon sign moment came for me at Target the other night..... I was looking for a couple of things to complete the decorating (as royal blue- not really in my rainbow- that was all momma) and to my astonishment - the one ornament that stood out a me....was ONE, SOLITARY, bright blue peacock ornament.... if you knew my mom- (and she referred to herself as one) she was the biggest peacock ever! If it was bold color, flashy-sparkly, beaded and enough to drive my poor dad crazy..... she'd wear it! And she rocked it too! So I bought that silly ornament and he's sitting proudly near the top to preside over the tree.

That silly ornament was also a signal to me to live in her honor... to live colorfully- and to live out loud. We have to remember to make the most of our everyday.... don't wait to burn that pretty candle... or wear that expensive pair of earrings... or hug & kiss those near you. Life is short- make it a good one!

I wish you all a brilliant December- be safe- and have a phenominal holiday season!

Winter Wonderland

Winter arrived with a small skiff of snow this year- but lots of ice to make it all kinds of difficult to get around last week!

While we had less than 6" of powdery snow- the ice that lie below was wicked. We had had much precipitation and high winds and the drop in temperatures wreaked havoc on the Puget Sound with trees down across roadways and some power outages.

The kids were quite excited that they got an extra two days tacked on to their Thanksgiving holiday.. of course if this keeps up... they'll be in school 'til the 4th of July.... but to be able to play non-stop in the snow for 2.5 days before it rained and melted off- was priceless!

The "Big Dipper" as all the neighborhood kids call it was like a thriving metropolis of kids and sleds and colorful winter wear... and had it not been so danged cold- I probably would have hung out longer- but the windchill was in the single digits!!!!!

Baby O

Fall seems to have been here and gone and winter has reared it's head this last week! I'm so glad that we were able to take advantage of the fall color while it was still here for Miss O's pix!
I'm sure her folks will be happy to know- that her photos are done and on their way!

Have a great week! xoxo Didi V.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sophie and Evan

I'm sure you'll remember Sophie and Evan from a few weeks ago at St. Edward's Park in Juanita.... those lashes for days and flawless skin are a magic combo!!!! They are a hair from being done! Enjoy! xoxo D

Brenna II

Another quick glimpse of Brenna- you are all done and shipped out my dear- enjoy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Riley II

And without further a-do..... Riley girl is done! Enjoy!

xoxo Didi V.

Kolbie II

Had a super productive night last night! finished Kolbie's pix and Riley's family session.... Enjoy!

Let me know what you think about the new look..... trying out my new BlogIt! boards from MCP........

Mwah! {Didi V.}

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gina and Brian's E-session

Wahoo! I'm making progress this week.... Gina & Brian's engagement session at Carkeek Park is done!!! Enjoy the beautiful that they are!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marcy and Wil {part 2}

Wooohoooo! A few more bites from Marcy & Wil's big day- you're all done guys!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Because.....

Just because...... {sneek peek}

Sometimes that's the bestest reason of all. Just because life is short- and it comes at you fast. Just because you can. Just because you need new wall art.... or new Christmas card.... or just because you feel the need. Just because is the best reason to buy a cool new umbrella to go and play in the rain... and munch your way through the market, make out in all sorts of cool public places, dance in the rain and giggle until your cheeks hurt.

Matt & Carly did just that Saturday morning. Mrs. D was the first grade teacher of both of my girls- (and we love her to pieces!). Her smile and giggle is contagious-so it's easy to see why he adores her too. {... and he's pretty darned adorable himself}.

They've been married for a few years now (and you'll remember them from her brother Jay's wedding last summer

They decided they needed a fun photo for their holiday cards, and some current photos- and a marker to their lives as it is now.... should anything change in their lives in the next year..... *wink*

So we had a ball walking and laughing from 1st to Alaskan and back again.

I loved hanging out with you guys! xoxo D

The Boys...

Saturday was rainy and wet... but we lucked out and got a kiss from above with about 5 minutes of sunshine- so we jumped on it. Baby Brayden's big brother Michael popped in to see me and catch a couple of snaps of him with the fall color and his little buddy together. Good lookin kids for sure- those big blue eyes are traffic stoppers!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holy Cuteness!!!

Brayen popped in to see me on Sunday... man has he changed- so big boy already! His pretty mommy and I have been trying to pull off some fall shots of him for weeks- but this wack-a-doodle weather has kept the lid on our plans for greatness. But we managed a sunny afternoon and a baby who was in a good mood and we got magic. :) Love it when a plan comes together!