Monday, May 24, 2010

The Things We Do For Love.....

ohhhh.... the things we do for love...... Jesse is a guy's guy- and not big on having his picture taken- and he's not particularly a big fan of the water, getting wet, or sand... let alone lay down in it! But he sure loves his girl Gwen.... and so he did. And we love him for that!

This is a "We Did" session, shot last night at Edmonds Beach, on what turned out to be a glorious evening. They got married earlier this year in a quiet and private ceremony- and now that weather is better- they decided it was time to get some pix done.

Thanks for playing with me guys- you were a great time! :) xoox Didi

*can i even tell you how much i love this above shot?????*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fairydust and laughter...

Any day is better with a little fairy dust and some good giggles, right?

I got to meet up with the S girls on Saturday- what a pretty bunch of ladies! Mom & G'ma and K&M- all just beautiful! We hung out and played at the Evergreen Arboretum for their photos- and there are some pretty magical looking places there- especially if you're in the 4&under category!

Thanks for coming out to play with me girls! xoxo D

Mc Carthy vs Monroe

My girl H says that she's more Jenny Mc Carthy than Marilyn Monroe.... but I beg to differ..... I think she rocked the glam old skool beauty thing quite well..... Happy Anniversary Mr. President......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello Handsome......

Talk about killer eyes...... Taylor has 'em!

I met Taylor and his super cool family Sunday at Howarth Park in Everett/Mukilteo (it's a blurry line to me as to which town gets credit for this cool spot!). I had never been there before - but will definitely be back! It's like one stop shopping- you have a great expanse of beach on the Everett marina, a creek that empties into the sound, train tracks, industrial back drop, and cool bridge/trestle/architectural stuff- and last but not least- cool forest canopy- almost jungle like on the hike to get out to the beach! (Great job mom- you found a great spot!)

I'm sure this polite & handsome young man will do well in whatever he chooses to do after graduation next month! Best of luck Taylor!


Hey!!!! Look who popped in to see me today! It's Miss Adi!

I asked her momma if I could borrow her for a couple of minutes this weekend- since she is such a happy, mellow, and easy going girl.

I needed a live baby model to show off the super cute hair-ware from my girl Tiffany (aka Fifi) of Daydream Believer. Check out her brand spanking new blog here:

She is cranking out some of the cutest baby/toddler hats and headbands around! And you should see her new baby burp rags- no more dowdy old cloth diapers or flimsy- boring pastels.... if you have to wear one for 6 months.... make it a fashion statement- please!

You'll be seeing more cuteness from Fifi here on MyCrazyCrazylife very soon! So thank you Trish & Adi for popping in to play with me- and Feef- I LOVE with a capital L the props- thank you soooooo much girl!

Much love! xoox Didi

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On top of the World!

Check out this sneak-peek of a Nordic Beauty from Saturday morning's Senior session.... Miss N graduates in a few short weeks and is on top of the world.... and with looks like this.... it's easy to see why! Hope these will tide you over- more to come soon! Have a great day! xoox D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waiting on a boy...

Some things.... are just worth waiting for...... And baby B will be no exception! M & B are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their long sought after miracle. They couldn't be happier (and I couldn't be happier for them!) They just look amazing! Can't wait to meet him soon! xoxox Didi

The Queen of Ivory Soul

Meet my friend May Palmer.

She has been dubbed 'THE QUEEN OF IVORY SOUL.'

She's a roller coaster ride of huge personality and fun- all wrapped up in one very unique East-Coast package if you catch ma-drift..... Dat girl has pipes- and you can hear her comin- like a freight train- the only thing missing is Don Cornelius!!! ( that be a 'So-ul Tr-ain' reference for those of you too young to rememba...) May has been a vocal performer her whole life and graced stages all over the world! And this week- she's working here in Everett- at Sojen Cellars on Hewitt Ave. They are releasing their new Syrah 'RIDE WILD'.... and I couldn't think of a better pairing than a red wine and woman who are both VERY wild!

So bring your tasting shoes this Friday night and check out the new flavas at Sojen and let May bend yo ears.... you'll be glad you did!!!! Peace!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gifts from the Heart

There is nothing sweeter than gifts from the heart.....

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and a perfect example of the above statement. Big Daddy and I woke early yesterday morning to the faint smell of waffles wafting up the stairs....(and that well seasoned cast iron when it's hot smell... ).

At first, we were both thinking, 'mmmmm..... waffles'.... and then our eyes popped open wide in cartoon fashion when, we realized- that the other of us.....was still in bed- and why on Earth did we smell scorching hot cast iron????????????????????

We both hopped out of bed to go and investigate... only to be met at the top of the stairs, by our youngest- age 8... with a plate that contained a waffle that was roughly the size of my head (and weighed about 2 pounds- no joke here) and a little ramekin of butter and one of syrup- and a fork! She had made me breakfast in bed for Mother's day!!!! (this is an enormous upgrade from the traditional toast that they've made me over the last few years....)

I'm sure I don't even want to know how she got to the pancake mix on the very top shelf of the pantry- or how she managed to create the batter without play dough or Barbie shoes in it....or
how and get the waffle iron turned on and heated up and produced a mighty waffle all by herself- without burning herself, falling off of God only knows what she climbed on to reach the ingredients or burning the house down..... To say that I was amazed- and very proud- was an understatement. :)

Both girls made me some pretty awesome cards and hand made gifts that showed their talents and flare for color. I was the prettiest mommy on the block sporting my nearly neon bling!

I'm so blessed- and so grateful for these two girls- I was given two miracles in this life- and I won't ever forget that! And to my husband- who is the most amazing man, who helps me raise these miracles to be confident, beautiful, talented and smart young ladies.... thank you- I love you so much!

I hope you all had a great day yesterday- I know I did! xoxo D

PS- this is the cake that Oni and I made together- I'd show you the cookies that Gabbi helped with- only they were snatched up and consumed without mercy before I could manage a shot...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet Baby J

Sweet baby James was by to visit me yesterday for his big boy 1 year old photos... unfortunately... he wasn't totally feeling up to par and had kept his parents up most of the night. We worked hard to make little man smile- and got some sweet shots..... But I had to include this first one..... that sad face makes me giggle.A baseball was my saving grace here.... it kept him occupied for 3-5 seconds at a time! Which is how we got this sweet quiet peaceful one... cuz this boy- is BUSY!!!!!
I decidedthat that even though it was grey and gross out yesterday- we needed a change in scenery from the garage studios.... and it worked- a whole new world for him to eplore... and he is one busy little boy!
Thanks for coming to see me guys!