Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gabbi Fabulous

And here is Part II of party central  here at my house....

These are out-takes form the foto-booth and the magazine covers from Gabbi's birthday get-to-gether.
So fun- and once again demonstrates that everyone- even 10 year olds- can be Covergirl Ready with some professional help....  And this group of girls- will have NO problem getting what they want in life!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wild Man Cody

Saddle up Haus- it's time to meet the new the newest cowboy at the water hole.....
Everyone.... Meet wild man Cody!
5 Days old and already full of personality.
{We did the Old West photo because the boots in the background were his daddy's when he was a wee one.}
And now...back to the present day- check out this super cute little monkey who was crazy strong and alert- pushing himself up and looking right at me for his close up!  We did get some earlier shots where he was curled up asleep- but this man has a mission and it's to see what's going on!
We close this set with a nod to his handsome daddy who is serving our country overseas right now- and hasn't been able to meet his little man yet. 
{A HUGE thank you to Cody's family for the sacrifice they make to not have Nelson home at this very important time in their lives.....}
<3 <3 <3 <3

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Glamorous Life I

Welcome to the so-called Glamorous life....

I shared with you over the last couple of posts that my daughters were both having landmark birthdays as they turned 10 & 12.  And for months they had said that they didn't want to do the birthday party thing...

And then, the week of Oni's birthday- she decided that she perhaps DID want to do a party... but what do you do for a party for a middle school-er? {on a week's notice}.... 

I was short on time and a bit short on resources on such short notice.  Everything I came up seemed too little girl to the 6th grader who has been thrown in the deep end of the social pool at school.... there is so much going on now for her and so much "stuff" to navigate.

This is one of those years where the kids (both boys and girls) are all starting to worry about 
 EVERYTHING... are they enough of "this" or "that".... too much of "this" or "that".....  So & so "said/did/heard this"... and the "did you hear??????" train that they will be riding all the way through the next decade.

There is just so much pressure to be amazing.  It seems a daunting task to teach them all the life skills they are going to need- and get their homework done, sports practiced, games  and concerts played...   and the occasional shot of confidence to remind them just how truly beautiful and amazing they are.

I have noticed with much more interest lately, just how acutely many girls (who will grow into women someday....)  feel like they aren't __________ enough.... you know- the tall girls want to be shorter, the curly girls want to be straight haired, the blue eyed girls want the rich dark eyes, the thick girls want to be thin and thin girls wish they had curves....  all wanting to attain that false perception of perfection that we are bombarded with in the media.... EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

I'm sure many of you have seen this video link- but I belive it bears a repeat... we need to show our daughters {& our sons for that matter}.... 

Our impressionable youth need to see that takes a SWARM of professionals to make these models look they way they do.  It's easy to look "perfect" with someone else doing your hair and make-up, a photographer who knows how to show off your best angles and editors who have ridiculously powerful editing software at their disposal.  Many of these models don't frequently wear make-up and don't even look like their "perfect" personas in the everyday.

We decided to to a little girly- spa/get pretty -get- together and get our "glam" on.... and that sprialed into a beauty session, that moved into a bit of let's pretend... and all of that elevated to
"Get your Glam-o-rama- on"  and have a cover model photoshoot,  complete with hair and make-up and time under the studio lights with me- and as their "treat bag" I would design a mock magazine cover to high light the best photo of each girl.....

To which Gabbi said, "ME TOO!!!!" 
So..... I did this not once, but twice in 7 days..... u h-hemmmm... I should most definately say WE did it twice in 7 days because I absolutely could.not.have.done.this... without some of the MOST amazing and talented group of girlfriends who were only too happy to channel their inner middle schooler and come and play with me, and my girls and a gaggle of their friends.

And while I'm on the subject of SLEEP-overs.... yeah- no sleep.... at all.  Seriously.  But so glad that both parties had so much fun.  The girls got  to see first hand how it all works- and they were able to see the steps it takes to make perfect, wonderful, everyday girls- just like them into stars on the cover of a magazine....

It was good stuff to see  them walk a little taller than they walked in my door.

Friday, February 10, 2012



And just that quickly- a decade passed.....

Where did the time go? My baby girl is now 10!  My once chunky-monkey, hula dancing, crazy fearless- counter top crawling little sister with and attitude  has begun to bloom into the most amazing young lady....

So proud of this girl- good student, natural athlete, wildly sweet, thoughtful and crazy artistic- those looks will take her far in life- because she too- is the complete package.  Absolutely beautiful enough to be in the limelight- but smart enough to know that there is more to life than just a pretty face.

Happy Birthday baby girl- love you so much! xoxo