Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Baby

This has been a whirl-wind year already- and I can't believe that it's also birthday time for my youngest! 

Nine years ago today, I was up at 4 am doing my hair and make-up and getting ready for my scheduled C-section.  It was finally here- the end of the longest 9 months of trouble and anxiety ridden pregnancy and time of my life and the beginning of life with a newborn and a toddler.... and about to be some of the longest days of my existence.

 I was up that early because this time around- I wanted my first photos with baby to not look quite so horrible as I did when Onika finally came into this world...  I wanted to look alive- and perky... (of course after surgery and massive weight gain.... there was no pretty- or perky- just saying...)

Gabrielle came into this world with some pulling and prodding and a few surprises. She was supposed to be small- a low birth weight baby due to what all ultrasounds had said was a two vessel cord baby... there were also the partial placental abruptions and then low amniotic fluid.  We had been hanging by a thread for months of bed rest- praying that she would be ok.  The final scan had placed her at 6 pounds- with there being the possibility of a pound in either direction... small- but do-able.

After a not so pleasant 5 attempts to get my spinal going (thanks Everett General @ Providence).... we were finally down to business.. only she wouldn't fit through the incision..  all I heard was, "uhm... need a little help here...."  and of course I panic (in between puking every few minutes... anesthesia- not very nice to me).  Turns out she was not small, low birth weight- or a 2 vessel cord baby... she was an 8 lb 4 oz, 21.5 inch cruise missile who came out screaming loud and proud!  Our prayers had been answered- she was not only fine- she was perfect!  And so began life with Gabrielle.... our youngest has been determined to survive from the very get go- and that tenacity- is the very core of her personality!

She is not only one sharp cookie- but one of the naturally most gifted athletes we've seen.   She had figured out how to scale the kitchen cabinets before she could walk independently- and was single handedly the reason that our homes had to be baby proofed with locking cabinets and chimes on the doors. (Oni- never pushed that envelope- Gabbi- every danged day).  In fact we called her Houdini for the longest time- clothes, socks, shoes, hair pretties, strollers, crib,car seats... you name it- she could escape it!

So it's a really good thing she was graced with those huge copper colored eyes, and a smile and dimples that go to the moon and back- it's the only thing that has saved her some days!

We are so proud of the person she is- inside and out!  Happy Birthday to our "Hula-Hula" girl!  xoxo

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