Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seattle 3Day 2010

It's that time of year again... it's the last weekend of September- and that means the 3DAY in Seattle!

Hooray for my girls Nicky, Trish, Molly and Kathy {just to name a few} who all walked for Team Kindred Spirits again this year. I'm so proud of them for knocking out 60 miles in 3 days!!!! I was their own WALKER STALKER on Saturday- bringing coffees, hugs and massages to my tired but triumphant friends.....{and a FEW photos.....}

If you'd like to see more of my photos of the Seattle 3DAY- check here:

and if you want to learn more about the 3Day or donate to the Komen foundation:


Someone is sporting some bling..... and a gorgeous smile! Mainly, because well... she's gorgeous... but she's getting married!!!!!

I met Gina and Brian a few weeks ago when they came to hang out and have a cocktail here at the house amidst my crazy chaos- and they still liked me after that! *heeeheeee* So we decided to celebrate their engagement with a session at Carkeek Park in North Seattle. {cool place- my first time there!}

These two said they didn't want boring or traditional- so we just went and played at the beach- and it was good. {I think they both get the hero award for playing in the water- I know it was cold...... but they still managed to have fun and be beautiful all at the same time!}

This is just a tiny little fraction of the fun we caught- stay tuned for more!
I loved working with you two! xoxo Didi


You know, sometimes beautiful just doesn't cover it......stunning, haunting, captivating, effortless beauty comes in all makes and models- and this little one- has "IT" ...... that quality that is grown-up and child-like all in the same breath..... the ability to just stare at you- with out really even posing- and just takes your breath away with a look that is decades beyond her real age..... eyes that suggest an old soul, a spitfire old woman who's come back as a brilliant young spark!

Miss *A* is looking at dabbling in the modeling world- and I'm sure she'll have no trouble finding work! Good luck baby! xoxo Didi ~V

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marcy and Wil

Everything about this event was unique.... It was on a Friday for starters..... their rings- totally not traditional- the attire- was chic and subtle and still sassy while being relaxed. Nothing stuffy and formal. The only thing really traditional was the old church- and it was amazing! It was fall colors without being themed and a fun and silly group of attendants who were all pretty relaxed for it being a wedding!

Their feelings are evident when you see them together and the standing room only candlight ceremony exemplifies the love and support around them. I wish them the bestest happily ever after!!!!

*please note the super cute umberellas... we were dodging drops and some knarly looking clouds for photos*

Monday, September 20, 2010

Napeequa and the Nome

I couldn't help but laugh on Saturday, when we arrived at Nappequa Vintners to find that there was a new helper at the bottling session..... that's right- a Nome..... he wasn't much help- but he was cute- and did provide good comic relief...... at least he has good taste!

Hanging with my girls

Saturday was a crazy day for sure~ it was a flying trip to Leavenworth, Pashastin & Plain. It was primarily a work trip for me but we three girls did manage some fun in there as well.

We rolled around in the pumpkins and picked up some gorgeous produce and snacks to munch on before heading out to Napeequa for a visit to see Dr. David and see how they bottle our fave flavors! It was a cool process and there were some fun visitors.... {more on that later}

Kam's Fam

Look who's a big boy already!?!?!?

I can't believe that baby Kameron is 10 months already! He was just a brand new little peanut when I saw him for his newborn pix! He's active and all boy- if it's a rock or a stick or sand- he wants it- and he's not far from being able to get up and get it all by himself!

Kam and his handsome family met me yesterday at Edmonds beach- despite weather forecasts that were less than desirable.... and we were certain that the weather needed some medication because it was ALLLLLL OOOOVVVEEERRR the place- huge wind gust and spitting rain and then crazy big bright sunshine and then back to blustery..... it was crazy- but the rain held off and we were able to get our session shot! And the end result was what we were after- relaxed, playful and real.

And as I was reminded- (as if from above) yesterday......'Go sit on the beach and soak it in'- take the hint that we just need to rest, restore, breathe and just *be*... We are so fortunate to live here- we are surrounded by some of the most scenic and easily accessible places here in Washington- get out there and enjoy some of it! xoox Didi~

The 'Eyes' Have It....

I'm sure you've heard the saying, 'the eyes have it'.....

Well KJ has 'it' and he definitely has the eyes!!!! Another one of those guys that is just a quiet rock star..... tall and exotic looking- super smart and very into music- while being super laid back and quiet. I had the opportunity to catch up with this handsome young man on Saturday. I was working and playing in Leavenworth (more on that later) and KJ and his folks jetted over from the Tri-cities to meet up with me. Our families have been friends for about 20 years... so it's so cool to watch all the kids grow up..... tho I had one of those 'man- I'm getting old' moment when I first saw him climb out of the car. Thanks for choosing me guys- I'm honored! ENJOY! xoxo Didi

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pink Poodle in Paris

Looks like Dr. Nicky has done it again...... or outdone her self again I should say!

Our little neighbor girl was having a "Pink Poodle in Paris" theme birthday party on Saturday- and Nicky rocked the pink butter cream and modeling chocolate. I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked! Well done Doc!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Fun at the Beach

I just love it when a plan comes together! When I woke to cold drizzle this morning... my hopes were not high that today's family photo session at Edmonds Beach would come to fruition.... but it did!!! The only clear skies to be had in North King and all of Snohomish counties- were found at Edmonds Beach! And we had a ball!

Eric & Kristi and their kids were so funny and laid back- I just loved them! We played and got wet and sandy and almost got drenched in some sneaker wake... but we hopped up quickly enough to save us all from a wet boo-tay!

This family holds a corner on the effortlessly good looking.... perfect freckles- incredible eye color, great smiles and flawless skin!!! They are a photographer's dream! :)

Miss Kitty

I do sooooooo love a good surprise!!!

And Miss Kitty wishes to remain nameless and faceless for her preview from our pin-up session yesterday.... because it's her wedding gift to her hubby-to-be for her up-coming wedding day!!!! Wowsers!

Thanks for coming to play with me- I had a great time seeing you again!
*Honey- I think you're going to take his breath away- on every account!*