Monday, August 31, 2009

Waiting on a girl.....

Mike & Erin- are waiting on a girl- and no doubt she'll be beautiful and perfect- and absolutely worth the wait!

I had a ball meeting up with these 2.5 Saturday afternoon as we romped in the gorgeous afternoon sun at the Evergreen Arboretum. Lots of great color to be had there this time of year.

I originally met these two at a murder mystery party this last spring- and had thought, what a fun couple. They couldn't be more relaxed and go with the moment..... I LOVED working with them! :) They are silly and playful and totally comfortable and totally in love- and it shows!
(I especially love that last part- like I like freckles on little kids- it just makes for great photos when you have that chemistry).

Thanks so much for choosing me guys- I'm honored to help journal this part of your lives. I can't wait to meet Little Miss!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot...

Hot orange sunset captured as I wrapped shooting for someone else. Pity I can't share those here- they are A-Mazing! So for now- enjoy the sunset!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Girls Night In

You know how life just seems to get in the way of doing the other things in life- You having fun?????

This summer has vaporized- seriously- where did it go?????

I've maintained being on the go with a calendar that looks like my pen bled on it- so darned busy that I haven't taken the opportunity to enjoy my neighbor ladies and good girlfriends, my immediate community of friends, my support staff- my FAMILY... hell- even my dahlias out back called and said they missed me!!!!

So when my neighbor-ladies phoned and said here's the deal... "we went to a 3-DAY fundraiser the other night and won a catered 4 course dinner for the winner and 6 friends- wanna join us?"

Erica graciously offered up her home on Lake Stevens with a perfect La nai and killer view. Ever the perfect hostess at the ready- she had a gorgeous table-scape!

Dinner was delish- starter of bruschetta, a baby spinach salad with a hot vinaigrette and herb'd goat cheese, salmon cakes with asparagus and a rice pilaf & pine nuts. All followed with a rockin, feather light cheesecake. We each brought a bottle of wine and happily worked our way through a bottle each course. ( I of course brought Napeequa - and the Trillium was a perfect pairing with the salad into the salmon...)

Nicky snagged my camera and snapped me being silly because I'm never actually in the photos at any given event I participate in......

Our chef was a doll- and this auctioned item was part of her fundraising efforts- she still has $300 left to fulfill her goal to participate in the 3DAY (which is over 2K!!!) So- if you would love to help this lovely lady to the finish line- contact me- and I can put you in touch with her- any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Based on last night- and the smile I was still wearing on my face this morning- I know why taking a time out- and spending time with a good girlfriend- or half a dozen in this case- is so good for the soul. We need to remember that just because we are the mommy/wife/employee- woman who makes the world go-round.... we still need to giggle and be silly with our friends. :)
Call your friends-your gal pals- leave the kids and boys at home once in a while- let your hair down, have something refreshing to eat and drink- and laugh out loud- REALLY loud, and enjoy!

Run- don't walk to your phone- and put it on your calendar- make time to have fun! I'm gonna!
Enjoy the sunshine today! xoxo Didi

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Did!

Since I wasn't available for the day they said, "I Do"....

My girl Rosie and her man Andy decided that since they are a pretty unconventional couple... that they'd like to have some unconventional wedding photos... or at least some crazy vintage/rock-a-billy type photos with Moi! Sooooo..... instead of the same ol-same ol... we shot "We Did" pix- in vintage inspired apparel and they looked fantastic!!!! We (meaning they good looking folks all gussied up with me....) got looks and whistles everywhere we went, as we traipsed throughout Sno-ho county!
Could these two be any sassier????

This next photo makes me laugh soooooooooooo hard! We were playing off the naughty housewife thing with that great vintage stove in front of the antique shop in Maltby, when Rosie turns around with this cast iron pan- and death look to match.... we decided that this would be listed under the "til death do us part" part of the vows!!!! (I'm still laughing....)

I absolutely LOVE the colors in front of the antique shop!!!!

In addition to Andy's love of his "Hottie"- he does have another love..... it's his classic '68 which is in a current state of 'Rat-rod'- but it rocks! So they did a quickie change to show off their love of their car and the local classic car club they belong to.

And as the sun began to go down- the magic happens......
Thanks so much guys- I had a ball- xoox Didi

The MANN Turns 60

Celebration time, c'mon.....

(Tom the baker's Napeequa infused cheesecake with fresh fruit compote- OMG!!!!)

Mmmmmm..... talk about a rock star surprise party!!!

Our dear friend Michael is turning 60 (shhhhhh don't tell anybody tho....) His family and friends managed to pull off one heck of surprise- citing a bbq while they were riding bikes the other day..... Michael & Anni arrived and wandered back to the back yard as Darby wasn't answering the front door..........boy was he surprised when 40+ of his friends poured out from behind ever nook & cranny in Darby's funky bohemian back yard! The weather couldn't have been more perfect, the company was riotous and the food was killer!!!!

Barb & Bob's Washington Peach pie.....

Chocolate layer cake to make you weak in the knees...

Sweet baby faces... good enough to nibble on. :)

Enjoying the sun and whimsy in the magical garden....

OMGosh- how cute is she????

Darby's backyard had so much to look at and explore- too fun!

And this Orzo salad???? Seriously- could have just grabbed a spoon the bowl and left with it- and devour with no mercy! Yellow squash, Greek Olives, tomatoes, feta, basil..... oh- man- need I say more????? YUM!!!

OH- and this smoked turkey salad? Ridiculously good!

Poached salmon rocked with shrimp lollipops & gazpacho! Their friend Kay- catering rock-star- seriously!

Party goer Dianne, could she be any more Lolita-cute????

There's oodles of pix from yesterday- but this is the quick run-down!

The host with the most....... Darby- Great home- and perfect party venue! Thanks for letting us all invade!

Happy birthday my friend- we loves ya!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

G & S

I haven't seen the dynamic duo in a few months- Holy COW have they grown!!!!! And My-O-My are they ever busy! We had glorious weather this morning at the Evergreen Arboretum- and it was a perfect time to spend time with my friends Mark & Christa and their twins, G&S.
We had a ball running all over the park- I'll bet the napped well today- I know I will! :)

Thanks again for choosing me to help chronicle your sweet babies and their ever changing faces guys! xoxo D

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ok kiddies......
For all of you who have said you need/want Natural Approach Photos for your FALL FAMILY PIX.....(holiday cards and gifts...) Here's your chance!!!!!
I'll be slating October 11th as "family photos at the park day". Juanita Park was glorious last fall- and think that will make a great spot again this year! Which means- I'm packing a lunch and spending the day! :)
First four to book got $25 off their session- and it went like wildfire- a few spots still open!!!!
_You can call or email me directly with questions or to book your session. 425.356.1989 or didi.miles@verizon.netCan't wait! xoox Didi