Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Did!

Since I wasn't available for the day they said, "I Do"....

My girl Rosie and her man Andy decided that since they are a pretty unconventional couple... that they'd like to have some unconventional wedding photos... or at least some crazy vintage/rock-a-billy type photos with Moi! Sooooo..... instead of the same ol-same ol... we shot "We Did" pix- in vintage inspired apparel and they looked fantastic!!!! We (meaning they good looking folks all gussied up with me....) got looks and whistles everywhere we went, as we traipsed throughout Sno-ho county!
Could these two be any sassier????

This next photo makes me laugh soooooooooooo hard! We were playing off the naughty housewife thing with that great vintage stove in front of the antique shop in Maltby, when Rosie turns around with this cast iron pan- and death look to match.... we decided that this would be listed under the "til death do us part" part of the vows!!!! (I'm still laughing....)

I absolutely LOVE the colors in front of the antique shop!!!!

In addition to Andy's love of his "Hottie"- he does have another love..... it's his classic '68 which is in a current state of 'Rat-rod'- but it rocks! So they did a quickie change to show off their love of their car and the local classic car club they belong to.

And as the sun began to go down- the magic happens......
Thanks so much guys- I had a ball- xoox Didi


rosieposie said...

Didi we had SUCH a great time last night! 'Til death' is still the best LOL love ya ;)

Tiffany said...

These pictures are TO DIE FOR!!! Absolutely beautiful! Rosie, as always, is stunning in these pictures and Didi you, again, worked your absolute MAGIC!!!!
I seriously can't wait to see the rest!!!!

Miss Vicki said...

You all just have so much fun!! Wonderful pix, Rosie!
I just scored four more vintage hats for you girls to play with!
Keep up the great work, Di. You're the ONE!!