Thursday, August 27, 2009

Girls Night In

You know how life just seems to get in the way of doing the other things in life- You having fun?????

This summer has vaporized- seriously- where did it go?????

I've maintained being on the go with a calendar that looks like my pen bled on it- so darned busy that I haven't taken the opportunity to enjoy my neighbor ladies and good girlfriends, my immediate community of friends, my support staff- my FAMILY... hell- even my dahlias out back called and said they missed me!!!!

So when my neighbor-ladies phoned and said here's the deal... "we went to a 3-DAY fundraiser the other night and won a catered 4 course dinner for the winner and 6 friends- wanna join us?"

Erica graciously offered up her home on Lake Stevens with a perfect La nai and killer view. Ever the perfect hostess at the ready- she had a gorgeous table-scape!

Dinner was delish- starter of bruschetta, a baby spinach salad with a hot vinaigrette and herb'd goat cheese, salmon cakes with asparagus and a rice pilaf & pine nuts. All followed with a rockin, feather light cheesecake. We each brought a bottle of wine and happily worked our way through a bottle each course. ( I of course brought Napeequa - and the Trillium was a perfect pairing with the salad into the salmon...)

Nicky snagged my camera and snapped me being silly because I'm never actually in the photos at any given event I participate in......

Our chef was a doll- and this auctioned item was part of her fundraising efforts- she still has $300 left to fulfill her goal to participate in the 3DAY (which is over 2K!!!) So- if you would love to help this lovely lady to the finish line- contact me- and I can put you in touch with her- any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Based on last night- and the smile I was still wearing on my face this morning- I know why taking a time out- and spending time with a good girlfriend- or half a dozen in this case- is so good for the soul. We need to remember that just because we are the mommy/wife/employee- woman who makes the world go-round.... we still need to giggle and be silly with our friends. :)
Call your friends-your gal pals- leave the kids and boys at home once in a while- let your hair down, have something refreshing to eat and drink- and laugh out loud- REALLY loud, and enjoy!

Run- don't walk to your phone- and put it on your calendar- make time to have fun! I'm gonna!
Enjoy the sunshine today! xoxo Didi


Tiffany said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN! I don't know that I can say that enough. I spent time with good friends a coupel days this week and feel like I am better for it. It looks like you guys had a blast and the one of you dancing with your cup...ADORABLE!


leanne wright said...

Now I am REALLY jealous. I don't have that circle of friends like that anymore. I know I know, waaa waaa poor me. BUt I don't, and I miss it alot. The women I do know are the ones I work with and there are only 3 or 4 that I would consider hanging out with. MOst women nowadays are catty, jealous, spiteful and just downright mean. At least the ones I come across. I forgot what it means to have good, close and loyal friends. This makes me want to cry. YOu are a very lucky person to have such a wonderful circle of good friends and great family.