Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gabe's big day

And since I'm on the track of playing catch up today....
Gabe turned one this Winter and I was lucky enough to join his celebration.
His Honbok was beautiful and the Doljanchi was really fun to watch!
He is certainly one very loved little boy
Thanks for letting me join in the fun!
xoxo Didi V.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

J & A at Hidden Meadows

I was cleaning house in my photo files today and 
came across this wedding that I shot at for GG and totally never blogged for myself this Winter!
{palm to forehead smack- do-ooh!}
I was 1 of 2 an assistants that day for Jenny GG !
There was much ground to cover and so many faces to capture!
This was absolutely the largest wedding and wedding party I've ever seen- 
and every single detail was amazing- and my goodness what a collection of gorgeous!

You can see Jenny's blog post here:

Enjoy the Autumn goodness!
xoxo Didi V.

Tara & Jordan

Just a few snaps from my point of view on the fringes of Tara & Jordan's beautiful big day 
at the Hollywood Schoolhouse in Woodinville...

I had the pleasure of  hanging out with my girl Jenny GG 
as her assistant and to play with the guests during cocktail hour in the
 " GG Faux-to Booth" and get my giggle on... their guest were crazy fun!

See Jenny's view of the whole day here:

Can I say how much I dig Tara's color choice?????  
{I LOVE the big color and as a BSU girl.... it made me a bit giddy....}
Sweet, simple touches and a truly chill wedding party made this event so relaxed and fun!
I wish this happy young couple an amazing future together!

xoxo Didi V. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dub-fam was in town....

So G'ma and G'pa W were in town recently, so I zipped down to the Washington Arboretum to meet up with them and their adorable kids and grand kids.
So much fun!   and the sun stayed out just for us!

xoxo Didi. V.

Puddles and Petals

How can you go wrong with froggy boots and enormous size mud puddles?
We don't think you can!
Allie and Brayden invited me to join their trip to the Tulip festival last month
and I taught Brayden how to get the most splash for the buck (sorry mom...)
Sister Allie was not a fan of the splashing but she did love the pretty petals... so 
the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival has a little something for everyone!

If you've never been- seriously- make a plan to go next year-
it's a big fun and lots of color in a small town.  
You should see it at least once in your life.... and some of us love it so much we go every year!

Enjoy the adorable....

xoox Didi V.