Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ahhhh- a perfect ending to a very productive day..... Melissa & Brian- you are finished my loves. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Woo hooo!

I'm on a roll now! Trying to crank out every one's stuff in time for the holidays....

P- Fam- you're done!

*And to see the two individual portraits of the kids- blown up big..... WOW! Talk about EYES!!!!*
And you said he never smiles for pix..... huh? LOL! xoxo D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Do Over!

Yippeee!!!! I love, love, love the colors of fall! I also love a do-over- a fresh start, a clean slate....

I know- you are thinking, 'what the heck is she talking about here?'.... but I needed a 'do-over'.

I shot with this family a couple of weeks ago- and I just wasn't happy with what we shot- they are a beautiful family- and I just didn't feel like I had done them justice..... when I shoot photos for someone- I want for them to love their photos from me- and love/like me.. so I couldn't let that first shoot be the only impression these folks had of me. :) I know, I know- I'm a neurotic weirdo- but it is what it is! The irony in this whole tale- is that we had way too much light before- and we were dodging mud puddles and rain drops yesterday- but we still managed some silliness and funny faces as we danced in the rain!
I especially appreciate this family taking time to meet with me again- in the face of some devastating news at the end of last week for them. Think good thoughts for them- (Tony's mother was diagnosed with cancer)....... and I'm sure that they could use your positive energy. I love the first old skool image- looks like a tough defense, huh?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Masquerade Ball

Hello! Well after a good night's sleep (which could honestly be likened to a coma) I've had a pretty relaxing day- getting caught up on photos.

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the gala evening I was asked to cover last night. The Columbia Club, located on the 76th floor of the Columbia Towers in Downtown Seattle, put on one heck on an event! The event was a benefit auction for Auggie's Quest and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. It was open to their members and non members alike. There was honestly so many beautiful people there- that I could have shot for days- and the masks and costumes were breath taking! And it was head to toe beauty- sometimes the legs were just as intriguing as the masks! :)
Gabbi wanted to take a photo of me before I left- so I set up the shot, and she manhandled Big Bertha with the big lens and external flash like a pro. She was cracking me up. :)
This is only a small portion the hundreds of photos from last night- enjoy!

Masquerade Ball II

More from the event last night...
There's the ever lovely Ellen..... those purple feather's are workin'!

This lady was just lovely- I shot several of her-
This pretty peacock belonged to the court jester in the other post- and they were a scream!

more and more beautiful!

And sometimes you just have to embrace an accident- and make it happy... I rather like the funky colors in this one. :)

I met so many interesting people last night- It was honor to capture the beauty last night!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My girl...

Just clowning around today..... on our way back from my niece's birthday party today- we swung into Snohomish... I found this cool turquoise blue wall that I wanted to catch a couple of shots of Oni and that hot Ed Hardy style t-shirt on that wall.... but it was flat and grey today- didn't quite have the pop that I had hoped for. But it was fun little excursion on the way home to work today.

My girls are growing up way to fast these days....

I love this bottom one- the old skool effects on those colors and that look... oh that look... she was soooo done with me- didn't want her hair down, didn't want people looking at us taking her picture.... I guess I should be glad she's so modest, huh? She's looking so teen and she's so not!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more beautiful....

Ok- personal statement as I preview some more pix today.........- there's something so simple and beautiful about the curves of the human form- and we even decorate them- but we rarely get to see ourselves from that angle- an it's a pity.

I love the softness of this hip shot. You know something else- it's a pity we don't get a glimpse of ourselves through someone else's eyes more often- perhaps we'd be less critical of ourselves-appreciative of what we perceive as a flaw or less than perfect........ and just appreciate the beauty in our soft skin, shimmering hair, sparkling eyes and impish grins or big bawdy laughter...... and LIVE in our own skin instead of wishing it different.

That's why I love what I do- giving people a glimpse of what I find beautiful about them! Ok- soapbox over now. :) Here are a few more from Sunday, now that I've clarified what can be shared. :) How adorable is she???? Her Hubby will be very pleasantly surprised me thinks!

Can we say hot momma??? And I heart this last one- just a beautiful lady......