Friday, October 16, 2009

Visit to the P-Patch

In search of the Christmas card photo...... Since the kids had a day off from school- and I had managed to get the day off at work- I had hatched a plan to surprise the kids with a little trip to the p-patch this morning. To my horror- it was pouring buckets.... but we put our rain boots and big girl panties on and forged ahead!

After a completely unhealthy fast food breakfast-(as requested by the monsters) we decided that we were still headed to Stocker Farms in Snohomish- and that perhaps we'd be granted a brief break in the monsoon....

And we were- we pulled in- and it stopped!!!! So we beat feet for the p-patch and snapped a few for the scrapbook. We grabbed some goodies from their market and packed it on home.

After a quick trip to the doc to have Oni's hand X-rayed as a follow-up to last week's run in with the tether ball (who knew it was a full contact sport....) and looks like it's just a bad sprain- and not the fracture they originally thought it could have been.

We have settled in for some quiet- rainy-day play. :)

If you are looking for a great P-Patch- that's clean, organized and easy to find- Stocker Farms at HWY9 & Marsh Road, is IT! And they have probably some of the BEST apple cider on the planet right now- it's a must have!!!! You can find out more about them here:

Hope you all have a rockin weekend! xoxo Didi

... and every color and variety of pumpkin and gourd you can imagine!


Chris said...

Gabbi is really becoming a beautiful young lady. No longer the baby of the family. I can't believe those eyes of hers! She looks more and more like Ronnie every day! beautiful girls D!

Didi (Dioncia) Von Bargen-Miles said...

Thank you-thank you! We're awful proud of them!