Friday, October 9, 2009

Dane & Alicia

Oh- you know- I just love it when a plan comes together- I LOVE with a capital L this first photo. :) How beautiful are they????? Dane works away from home for long stretches of time- so I was super excited that they came to play with me this morning, while he was home for a brief visit.
I actually purchased this gorgeous silk scarf this summer- just for this photo- I had this shot mind when I made the painstaking decision of which one to buy.... and it's as gorgeous as I thought it would be. :) Alicia looks so serene and beautiful here.

The countdown is on- not long now- and I'm sure glad we got to capture a few photos before life gets a little crazier in their household. :) So stay tuned for photos of their baby- coming your way SOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN!

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