Monday, October 31, 2011

In the garden of good and evil.....

I'm not sure if anyone understands the way my brain works most days.... and I'm sure that my kids certainly did not Saturday morning.... but after a little bit of prodding.... they decided to humor me.... and I'm so happy that they did....

I have wanted to go play in the gorgeous old section of the cemetery in Everett on Broadway for years..... it's incredibly beautiful- the gravestones are enormous and ornate, with wonderful moss invading the nooks and crannies.  The trees are Jurassic in size and the leaves are falling in a perfect orange and gold swirl all around on the emerald grasses.
{we paid special attention to stay on the paths and to walk the rows carefully- we wouldn't want to be disrespectful-
 just appreciative of the beauty around us there}

It was magic as far as the lighting went- sunny as the fog lifted... so it was dreamy and soft
And of course- I'm biased... but I got to work with two of the prettiest girls I know!
It was so funny to look back at how we spent the morning... because the rest of the day- was spent in sweaty gymnasiums in basketball gear- looking NOTHING like they had a few hours earlier....
I guess Lisa Leslie's book title says it best...
"Don't let the lip gloss fool you..."
Because they played like total rock-star jocks all day!
What a great day with my kids.
xoxox Didi V.

And now... back to our regularly scheduled workload...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Olivia II

No- you're not seeing double nor are you  losing your mind...
Yes, you did just see a post about the same adorable little girl further back.... 
Miss Olivia was lucky enough to have visits with both sides of her family just a couple of weeks apart so were were able to catch the fun with more grandpas and grandmas!
She is one adored and lucky little girl for sure!
Thanks for asking me to join you guys- I loved seeing you again!!!
xoxo Didi V.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Baby Goodness

I'd like you to meet my new friend Devon- he's new in town...
He's a little tired from this trip but he's sure glad to be here!
{and so are we....}

I had to share a sneak peek at the squishy newborn goodness that came to see me yesterday!!!
*Squeal- sooo much good stuff!!!!* 
Fall/Winter.... is here.... and I've been shopping for some new looks as the rain drives us inside... so you'll be  seeing some changes at Garage Studios-
Book your session now!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Summer fun with Olivia

I'm in catch up mode again this week {but that seems to be the norm anymore...} and I am beginning to feel like I'm in one long marathon to the finish line that just never ends.... and honestly- I have no idea what I'd do if it did!

I thought I'd share some end of summer photos with Miss Olivia and her beautiful and super silly fun family. 
This is one very lucky little girl- her fans- I mean family.... would do anything for her.
{including bubbles until they were blue, exploring every single piece of play equipment, hoola-hooping, and chasing the soccer ball around the whole park!}

And speaking of soccer- they are huge Sounders fans- and I love that they all wore their gear for their family photos!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby~Baby~ Baby.....

Meet Dave & Adrienne...
 I first met them back in 2005 when I shot their engagement photos.... and then I did their wedding photos in 2006 and have loved staying friends beyond their big day. 
I was over the moon happy when I found out this spring that they were expecting their first child- and even happier when they asked me to again journal their lives through photographs.

Not only do I love hanging out with them but they are both so gorgeous that you cant help but over-shoot because it's just so good.....
I can't wait to meet the little guy coming our way... very, VERY soon!
xoxoxo Didi V.
***Adrienne puts the "S" in stunning & sexy pregnant for sure!***


Meet Miss Emily- Jackson HS Senior and absolutely beautiful...
You have to love a girl who looks this flawless who shows up in purple kix and a hoodie with only mascara, liner & chap-stick-  wow!
With a look and a cool of someone much older than her teen years- I'm sure that this young lady will be a powerful force to be reckoned with in the work world.... watch out!
Best of luck beautiful girl!!!!

xoox Didi V.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Gaggle of girls

And speaking of beach photos that I am crazy behind in posting.....
{I'm pretty freaked out how fast summer came and went and how little I got out and did with my family}  Just in case you were wondering if I ever get out from behind this computer...... I did manage to grab my two daughters and my two nieces and head to Jetty Island for the afternoon with my Sis-in-law Heather.  A little pic-nic action, some photos and lots of swimming, splashing and sand... everywhere.... 
But they had fun- and so did I.

Nothing fits like family

***There used to be a sign that hung on my mom's desk that said, "The hurrier I go-the behinder I get!"  ***
No statement seems more appropriate to my life lately.....
I am crazy late in posting a sneak peek for my friend Kristy and her wonderful family {sorry guys!}
They finally had everyone in one spot for her dad's landmark birthday from as far away as Costa Rica! 
{you'd never believe me if I told you his age!!!!}   
It was the perfect opportunity to have me tag along for a little wine & pic-nic and play time at the beach.
We had a few posed group shots but it was more about just journaling their time together in the sun.

"Life isn't about the number of breaths we take- but the ones that take our breath away...."

Enjoy your times together and snap a few pix to remind you just how glorious those days in the sun were when the rain comes down.
Thanks for having me join you guys!
xoxo Didi V.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Miss E

It's beginning to make me feel kind of old every time I photograph a senior session for  kid I've watched grow up....  I'm so thrilled that they have turned into the wonderful people they are now.... and really sad they aren't the children I once knew....  I'm getting all teary and she's not even mine!
{sniff- sniff-whimper-sniff}

But I'm sure proud of the gorgeous woman before me now- E- you rock sister!
Have a kick-ass year honey!
xoox Didi V.

Making Strides

Welcome to October- and Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!!!!
Think Pink- think health, advocacy....and support.

Most all of us at some point in our lives, have been deeply touched by cancer.

Either you're a survivor, a caregiver, friend & supporter of someone who has it, has had it- or will get it.

I have been all of the above.....  so I champion non-profits like ACS and The Komen Foundation and volunteer whenever I am able.

I love that my girls have been joining me- walking the whole way- of their own volition since they were 5.  We fund-raise together, we walk together, we laugh together- and we cry together.  We celebrate our dear ones who have survived their monsters- and we honor those who lost their battle- by doing what we can every year to help bring us one step closer to ending cancer.
You can view the huge  gallery of images that I shot while volunteering and walking for ACS this weekend in the Everett/Snohomish County Making Strides 5K event here:

Go to the client gallery
Enter the password Strides2011
You can see the world through my eyes- If you were there and are a scrapper and want great photos of the event or  see photos of a loved one there and would like to order prints....

I'll donate the net profits of these event ACS for the whole month of October to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

As my sweet friend Nan used to say, "Do small things with love..."
This is my small thing.
{RIP in my friend}

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Net, Serve, Love....

And speaking of love.... I just love this kid!
{uahhemmmm.... I mean young man!}
Meet Kody- Snohomish HS senior and all around great guy. 
A man with a plan he is- and a great subject to work with! 
Have an amazing year my new friend!
xoxo Didi V.


Not only does this beauty have the same initials as her gorgeous momma... but she looks just like her too!
{lucky girl!}
I've known the P-fam since they became a fam.... and have followed and photographed them for years... and I can't even believe that K is a senior this year!  I was honored when they asked me to snap her senior portraits- such an easy subject- made it quick work!
Best of luck sweet girl- have an amazing year!