Monday, December 16, 2013


Brooks and Samaya are my neighbor kids and their family was one of the first to welcome us to the neighborhood 7.5 years ago.  
They are sandwiched in ages with my own kids so both families try and keep tabs on all four them them as they all run to school and sports... good friends always- even if we don't get to hang out as much any more.... 
[during the school breaks- they still the usual suspects in my kitchen- love that.]

They are both model beautiful and know how work the camera!  We snatched up a gorgeous fall morning and drove it like we stole it- and nailed their entire session in less than 30 minutes- they rocked it!


Monday, December 9, 2013

G-Fam Fun

I met up with the G-fam at Juanita Beach Park to catch some of the last shreds of fall color  
under the threat of rain. 
{boy am I glad the weather forecast granted me one wish!}

The G-fam came to win in their casual chic style- and they were SO chill- and so so sooooo crazy in love with their sweet boy!
I have two words concerning young Henry..... 

Love, love, loved meeting you three- can't wait to work with you again!

XOXO Didi V.

{Henry helped me take the photo above- I let him help hold the shutter button down... which set me a bit off kilter- however- but I kinda love that they are a perfect 1/3 of the image... AND he was over the moon happy to help and who can resist a smile like that???}

Sunday, December 8, 2013

SNG {Squishy Newborn Goodness} Chloe

Sweet little Angel baby- just in time for the holidays....
Welcome baby Chloe!!!!

This little one was ready to rock when she came to see me at 3 weeks fresh...
she was afraid she might miss something... so her totally chill parents and  I all took turns snuggling and rocking her to get her to sleep for these... it was a win-win for me... sleeping baby makes for sweet photos... awake baby means more snuggle time!
{I do sooooo miss that time rocking my babies....they're teenagers now.....
- so I'm always happy to snuggle and sing to someone else's!}

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Brandi B's family

I've know Brandi B and her family for nearly 20 years already!!! 
I've been blessed to be taken in by them and they have been my bonus family for many, many years.

I know that I say this a LOT, but I truly love watching all of the kids and grand-kids grow up.  
They  have amazing anchors in Arn & LuAnn- they keep this wild and adventurous bunch close knit even though their journeys take them as far away as the Antarctic!

We have had some glorious Fall and early Winter weather this year- and we decided to take advantage of their gorgeous view and landscaping.

Thanks for playing with me kids!

xoxo Didi V.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Dub-fam

Oh how I adore this family!!!  And now I get one more reason to love them....... 

Because 2+1=4 

They are going to have a new baby very, very soon!!!

Mike, Erin and Olivia joined me at Bothell landing at the bootie-crack of dawn on a very foggy morning to take a walk and enjoy the changing leaves and that turned into a great game of catch me if you can and red light/green light....

And can't think of a better way to spend a morning!
Can't wait to meet this new baby and help journal these new memories for them.

xoxo Didi V.