Monday, September 28, 2009

Gerber got nothin' on this Girl....

Yeah- those cheeks, eyes and thighs..... and porcelain skin like a doll..... I love with a capital L photographing this baby girl!

"License plates say 'stunner- NO.1 superstar' " lyrics from Pink- says it all about Delaney- Gorgeous!!!
I'm slowly working on getting the crazed August/September shoots caught up- I thank everyone for their patience- it will be rewarded- I promise. :)

Taste of Fall 2009

I am trying to gather my thoughts this morning in a house full of girls with the sniffles ... but prior to making phone calls to half the planet regarding the state of health regarding all three of the Miles girls... (praying it's simply allergy related rather than the crud- but must be sure).....

I am taking a quick peek back at the weekend....and what a glorious weekend it was!

Big Daddy & I were able to have a grown-up's run-a-way to Leavenworth for an over-niter! (Thank you Aunti & Uncle for taking the kids!!!!)

We toured Leavenworth and Pashastin and did some wine tasting- some more established and well known vintners and some brand new- even one on opening day!

Silvara Vinyards in Pashastin has a really approachable Riesling
Eagle Creek of Leavenworth had some really earthy reds and a pink hued Pinot
Kestrel Vintners is out of Prosser but shows in downtown Leavenworth had several very early sippers and were very affordable
We stopped at Icicle but were too early- so we'll check them out next trip- but hear exceptional reviews about them.
And of course.... there is Napeequa in Plain- and they are after all- our absolute faves!!!!

Here is a quickie glimpse of what we took in.......

The glorious white grape that will become the Gewurztraminer (pronounced Gra-vertz-tra-meener... there are umlauts over the u- but can't figure out how to type those in... so imagine they are there.....) which a sweet desert wine- imagine a port- only in a white... this is known as an ice wine as they keep it chilled.
The Merlot grapes that find it's way happily into blended wines such as Napeequa's Trail head- which happens to be one of my absolute faves!!!!!

Napeequa's Taste of Fall was a super fun fusion of their wines, live music, killer food, a perfect autumn day- and as the sun dropped behind the mountains- a perfect half moon was coming up-We gathered around the fire pit and talked and laughed and shared fun stories- laughed much, ate well and sipped exceptionally- I'm blessed to have such amazing friends!

We stopped back in on Sunday on our way out of town to say good by and check out the crush- they were crushing the Merlot grapes.... and I caught a couple shots of the wine apprentices- a couple of very handsome young men- they are going to be fighting off the girls a couple of years- especially with an extensive wine making background!!!!

Hope your weekend was splendid- and that you got outside and enjoyed! If you have a day- make the trip over for some wine tasting to Leavenworth- there are some really great vintners offering amazing handcrafted wines- made from locally grown grapes- and are being made right here in our own NW back yard!
Sip-smile- enjoy!
xoxo Didi

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hank & Sherry

You couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for an outdoor wedding in the Puget Sound than today! Mild breeze, perfect blue sky, killer view, ridiculously good food, and large helping of friends and family= amazing wedding!
I had the pleasure of photographing Hank & Sherry's intimate event today at Charles' of Smuggler's Cove in Mukilteo today.

I was delighted, that the bride chose a cheerful variety of colorful flowers to play off the subtle b&w French inspired apparel....

The groom's father- made me smile- I loved looking at has face- what a love!

The lovely bride takes five with me in the upper dining hall....

and her daughter- gorgeous- what more can I say?

Their ceremony was beautiful- vows shared with love and humor- their minister is a good friend- and it showed!

The groom's brother- giving his speech at the dinner.

The bridesmaid's bouquet.... so pretty!

Chef Claude is also a patsry chef- and this cake- was insanely good!
And as the sun sets, the guest depart- and so do the couple- have a grand honeymoon guys!

Thanks for allowing me to journal your day in photos! xoxo D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Snapshots in my head...

As most of you know- I've been gone for a few days.... I had to go and say a final good-bye to a good friend. I had to go and support my family, and go through the rituals of letting someone go. There were tears, laughter, sad and nauseous feelings- lots of questions to be answered when asked by my sweet girls.

It was a draining experience- and I think made even more so by the fact- that I continued to try and be strong for all those around me- and to hold them up- that I haven't let myself down yet. So I guess if I crack like and egg one of these days- you'll know why. I had to say good-bye to my Grandma Dorothy- and her sweet- perfectly appointed little home- and the memorabilia and 'things' that made this home lived in and loved.

Take this rocker for instance- it's been in this same corner of the kitchen for as long as I can remember- and I also remember- that amongst us four grand-daughters- it was the most coveted seat in the house- you could rock yourself to sleep in it- providing someone else wasn't waiting for a turn....
This woman and this house- were strong in love- and faith- signs of her love for all living things- and her church surrounded her- they comforted her.

The trees and gardens- both vegetable and floral- were exceptional- always- a master gardener she was!

And the gate that led to a stone pathway to those gardens- always made me think I was leaving this everyday world- and walking into a fairy tale world.....

I loved spending time there.....

..... and fast forward back to today- and the long drive back home this evening... as we girls were perishing in traffic on the pass- an hour and a half - crawling along..... I was reminded that I have a new angel to watch out for me- and she left me a sign....

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get lost on my way to meet with Brandon and his family, for his senior portrait session. And sometimes- getting lost is a good thing- I found some great new places to shoot! :)

Brandon is a serious, quiet young man- gentle and an introverted soul. Their family is a relaxed and happy one- it was fun to visit with them while we came up with our game plan for his photos.
We shot in downtown Sylvanna- which is more of a whistle stop than a town- but it had some great buildings to offer!

And when he takes his Clark Kent glasses off......check out those eyes.....WOW!

Thanks for hanging out with me yesterday- and showing me some country that I hadn't seen yet!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Going Home...

An angel is called home..... I'm feeling down today- my Grandma Dorothy passed away last night. I know that she's smiling now- she's in good hands- and isn't suffering any longer.

I'm so glad that I went home last month- I got to visit with her and hug and kiss her- and tell her good-bye.

She was one hell of a spit-fire spirit- I teased her that my favorite thing about her- was the fact that it wasn't in her nature to comply- ever persistent and independent- she would always get her way. :)

I will miss her brilliant eyes and and hearty sparkling laughter. Her loving and generous nature, her amazing gardens- and dear circle of friends and neighbors. I'll miss her cards and letters in the mail- one of the few people who answered my thank you cards- with a thank you card!!!!

May you rest in peace my love-

Melissa & Brian's family session

Where does the time go? I mean- seriously- it seems like I just did this family's photos maybe a year ago- but it's already been two! And Micheal here- was a kid- and now- he's a teenager..... and a handsome one at that! I soooo love watching families grow and change over the years.

And could they be any cuter? They are like the 'ultra-brite' family- gorgeous smiles! And I have to say- this was probably the fastest shoot- ever!!! Everyone was all smiles and totally on que!

A fun group and a great way to spend the afternoon- Thanks guys! xoox D