Thursday, September 10, 2009


What do you get being the only girly-girl in a house full of guys???? Pink toes of course!!!!!
Allison and her boys have been friends of ours... since before there was and "US".... she and Ron were friends in college (we won't say how long ago....) and we've gladly stayed in touch all these years! She and her hubby John- are seriously funny folks- and their boys- have a comedic flair themselves....

But when they aren't being silly- they make a darned good looking family! We shot indoors on Sunday- because it was raining sideways.....

And I felt they needed encouragement to come out of their shells Sunday, because??????? LOL!!!! I instituted a FAUX-TO-BOOTH to get them loosened up- but really- who was I kidding- they are both total cut-ups!
Love you guys!!! xoxo D

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