Sunday, September 13, 2009

Going Home...

An angel is called home..... I'm feeling down today- my Grandma Dorothy passed away last night. I know that she's smiling now- she's in good hands- and isn't suffering any longer.

I'm so glad that I went home last month- I got to visit with her and hug and kiss her- and tell her good-bye.

She was one hell of a spit-fire spirit- I teased her that my favorite thing about her- was the fact that it wasn't in her nature to comply- ever persistent and independent- she would always get her way. :)

I will miss her brilliant eyes and and hearty sparkling laughter. Her loving and generous nature, her amazing gardens- and dear circle of friends and neighbors. I'll miss her cards and letters in the mail- one of the few people who answered my thank you cards- with a thank you card!!!!

May you rest in peace my love-

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Celeste~ said...

She is so beautiful! I can see her smiling in her vibrant youth. I wish you could feel her greatest hugs all around you all day long...