Sunday, September 13, 2009


So- I'm still smiling and giggling.... the above photo was taken last night as I was shooting Melissa and Brian's family session.......... by my adorable assistant Gabrielle- who is also my 7 year old daughter. She was very proud of her "Romance photo".... when daddy and I asked her what romance was- and she said, "something beautiful"...... and we're good with that. (and a little bit of digital darkroom magic turned it into a total keeper!)
I'm so proud that she wants to follow in my big old footsteps.... here's my mini-assistant at work- she directed them on where to sit and set up the shot- and is making me think that perhaps her first generation hand-me-down camera may have to be upgraded- she's got an eye for someone so young. :)

Here's my version- taken at the gorgeous Grand Avenue Park in Everett- more to come from our session in a bit!

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