Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cinnamon Crunch French Toast

So we were having a lazy morning together, the movie we were watching was finished and we found ourselves watching "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives"- a family favorite here.
And they were doing a show on breakfasts.... one little roadhouse was doing french toast with a twist- they were crushing corn flakes and breading the bread with it before it went into the pan....

And being the ever creative brainiac that she is... Oni said, "Momma- can we do that- only with Cinnomon Toast Crunch????"... at first I said no- knowing that the potential for kitchen disaster was looming in my future.... but then said, "sure, why not..." Sure, why not???? What the hell was I thinking???? But I went to work setting up misen-plas (yeah- can't spell it) but getting all the ingredients out and together... and away we went!
Oni figured she should get to learn how to make it since it was her idea.....I agreed. :)
We made our egg, cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla mixture, coated some two day old sourdough bread, dropped in the breakfast cereal that I had run through the food processor and dropped into a nice hot pan with a smidge of olive oil.
And my ever-so-proud sou-chef Onika zipped around and gathered and put away.

Here she shows off her brilliant idea and hard work in the kitchen- and we all agreed- it rocked! :)

The reason you are seeing more food posts lately... is that the girls and I were talking the other day- and we've decided to start a book for them- for when they grow up and leave home- our own cookbook, with mommy's photos to go with our family favorite recipes. And that way- now matter where they go- they can always have a piece of home with them in the kitchen. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Caffinated Motivation....

This my friends.... is a thing of beauty..... coffee.. being forced through the grounds.....
milk being steamed and bubbled....

Here, the grounds getting ready to go in....
and the liquid of life.... and steam, being forced down into the caraffe...

Milk swirling and making clouds in the coffee..
This... is a thing of beauty... especially in the morning sun!

Hafe a "Cafe Fantastic" day!!!!

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good morning! And happy Friday!!!! The sun is shining, my crocus flowers have popped through the rocks out front as well as my tulips- sure signs that spring- may eventually appear.
I was peeling up a couple of little mandarin oranges a bit ago- they were so happy looking, smelling and tasting... it was like liquid sunshine- especially in the morning sun.

So inhale deeply- smile and enjoy... (gotta get that smell-o-vision thing worked out.....)
Have a great day!!!! xoxo D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

part deaux...

Inside this old silverware case (yet another antique saved at some auction or estate sale, bought for pennies- but is priceless to me...) that I refinished 20 years ago.... are the treasures I spoke of yesterday....
Just look at those glimmering beauties.... is any wonder I was fascinated as a girl?????

You don't see clutch bags like this anymore......
It's a toss up- I can't remember which of these two pale yellow pairs sparked the desire- the NEED to have them.... these were both from my G'ma Mannings jewelry box.... and even tho the luster has totally been worn of the faux pearls.... I still absolutely adore this pair above.... and the Carmen Miranda inspired sequin ones... well- I used to wear them- to school..... with my pale yellow deep V sweater and possibly leg warmers if memory serves correctly..... they were HOT- I used to get tons of compliments from the other little girls.... :) Lord help me! :)

Even the backs were fancy......

And even tho I poke fun at myself and some of the items... some are so absolutely sentimental... like this Aurora Borealis set- it was the first gift of jewelry that my G'pa gave to my G'ma Manning....

More Victorian inspired pieces- likely reproduction from the 20's-40's...

More beads and baubles- actually worn by my G'mas, Great G'mas & Aunties....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Closet collector....

Vintage jewelry..... yes- it's true- I've had a "thing" for vintage jewelry for as long as I can remember.... I think it all started......30 some years ago......playing dress up when I'd visit my grandmothers... both had what my little girl mind saw as the equivalent of a pirate's treasure chest of tangible jewelry bliss! Surely- my G'ma M & G'ma V must be royalty from lands afar with jewelry boxes full of these sparkly gems!!!!

As I got a little older.....I even huanted auctions, garage and estate sales as a kid and teen- and have acquired some really cool pieces- not that I wear ANY of it now... but it's tucked away- I keep thinking that I'll just clean them out and donate some of them- those that aren't heirloom pieces.... but I can't bring myself to do it- I love them too much! For all their gaudy sequins, faux pearls and rhinestones of every color- or if you are lucky enough- they are rainbow colored..... the Aurora Borealis stones- are my absolute favorites!

So that will be my assignment this week- perhaps tomorrow- to pull out my big old antique jewelry box- and photograph them to share.... it's the least I can do since I don't wear them! Not that any of it would have a dollar value- they are just the 20's, 30's & 40's version of plastic and glass costume jewelry........ but there's just too much elegance involved there to sit in the dark! So Stay tuned- and have a good night!

Monday, February 23, 2009


You can find my add here-- pass it along! (and some other great local coupons!!!!)
This is from the Winter edition... the new spring edition mails mid-March- so look for yours truly coming to a mailbox near you soon.... :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tonight's menu....

Tonight- we will be having my "famous" (according to my children anyway) spaghetti!!!! We start with browning the meat- in this case today- I used all Italian sausage, and add some rough chopped red onions and about a quarter cup of sugar- yes, I said sugar- with the onions- helps them to caramelize so nicely..... (and when I let you in on the fact that I also ad a smidge of nutmeg and celery salt you'll really think I've cracked... but believe- me- it works!)
and 5 or 6 cloves of garlic... I like a rough chop on that as well.

After those ingredients have sauteed along with a hand full of herbs and spices... I add some wine-(I'm not picky here- sometimes it's red- sometimes it's white.... and sometimes... it's just a good excuse to open a bottle... but that's another story....) to deglaze all that browned goodness from the bottom of the pan. Along with with some worchestishire- makes a lovely little boquet under the sauce.

Next comes the black olives- and while some people actually try to wrestle these little suckers.... I'm just not that patient... so I open, drain and pour into my hand- give a quick crush- and be done with them!

Key words here... Sun Dried Tomatos.... they add so much depth to your sauce's flavor profile....try them- you'll love them!
And last but not least lets add that tomato sauce... either 3 jars of mom's home canned tomatos (God Bless her for doing them every year and sharing with us kids- cause there's just nothing like 'em!) or a #10 can of sauce/puree from Costco will certainly work.

Now that everybody is in the pool- you let it all bubbly gently and meld together.

Boil up some pasta- top with sauce....

And a quick, rough chop of fresh Basil to top, and glass of your favorite red wine.... that my friends is goodness! Don't you wish you had smell-o-vision?????