Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eloise is turning 1!!!!!

Look who's having a birthday????!!!!!??????
That's right folks- Eloise aka "Ellie" is turning one already!
She is so danged cute I can barely contain myself- OMSBG!
{that's Oh-My-Squishy-Baby-Goodness, in case you were wondering...} 
And her pretty momma always brings the MOST amazing clothes and hair pretties!
So bask in the cuteness... and then go back some cupcakes... 'cause you know you want some now!


Thanks for coming to play with me kids!  Mwah!
xoox Didi V.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello world.... Meet Audrey.  She's my new friend... and she's just about the prettiest newborn I've EVER met!  Seriously!  {I'm crazy in love with this girl!}

Her big brother is Alex (the gorgeous guy with the huge blue eyes that look Earth from outer-space and that amazing red hair.... )....yeah- you know the one....

And her folks are just about the sweetest, most mellow people ever.... {effortlessly & naturally beautiful} it's easy to see where Alex and Audrey get it!

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to take Audrey's first photos!

{and uhm WOW.....how about this set of b&w.... Kristen just looks so peaceful and amazing!}

I love this set... Kristen lost her momma about the same time I lost mine- and Audrey is tucked into the last purse that her mom had purchased- with sunflowers... her mom's favorite flower.... and I adore that she's a sentimental girl like me- because.... this makes me a bit teary-eyed......  And actually there's several other elements in these photos that are memory and heirloom laden...  and that makes it all the more special.  There is much to smile about and be grateful for today..... take advantage of the opportunity to love on your family and tell them how much they mean to you. xoox Didi V.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Boy Brayden

My boy Brayden stopped in to see me and snap a quick mini-session in what's left of the fall color this weekend. 
OMG!  He's soooo big now! He's walking and talking like a toddler!!!  No more baby snuggles- he's too busy now.... no time for hanging on to us grown-ups.

{I do love this age- just makes me sad that they don't need us quite as much as they did 6 months ago... sniff-sniff....}

(and pretty soon- he can show his new brother or sister the ropes on how to take pix w/ Miss Didi.... 
Eeeeeeekkkkkkkk!  So excited for a nother gorgeous blue eyed baby!)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alex at the P-patch

Wow- how much Alex has changed since March when I saw him last!  He is so big-boy now!

I met up with Alex and his folks {sister Audry had yet to make her appearance} back in October at
The Farm in Snohomish.   What a beautiful place! 

We had grand plans that day.... and our scheme was dashed by driving rain about 15 minutes into our session (weird, weird weather here in October) so we had to abandon their belly photos.
{insert pouty face here)  But I wanted to share a snip-it of the sweetness that is this family and this old soul who looks like it resides in this little toddlers eyes.  His serious, cautious and quiet nature seems to belong to someone 7 times his age.  Love that boy!

The Cam Fam

It was a cold winter-y morning at Howarth Park- but we managed to dodge the rain drops and keep our noses from running in the cold, just long enough to grab some snaps of the beautiful Cam-Fam!

Another one of the many families that I get to enjoy watching grow and change- so much fun!
{and if you are into the eyes being the windows of one's soul.... check out this family- my goodness there are some gorgeous peepers here!}
Thanks for playing with me in the cold guys- love you long time!
xoox Didi V.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cam's Fam

I couldn't believe how much Cameron had changed in the last year since I'd seen him last.... he's all big boy now.... {sniff-sniff}

We were trying to catch the last sweet light AND beat the rain drops this particular evening... with a 2 year old who refused to nap that day..... {how do they KNOW... seriously???}  Despite the swirl of potential issues....we got some sweet shots and finished JUST as it began to rain- thanks for choosing me guys!
xoxo Didi V.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Man

A quick follow-up peek at a newbie.... I LOVE doing newborns.... 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Schneider Fam

I know that it probably goes without saying that I'm WAY over-due in posting these... but here's a sneak~peek at the Schneider family at Bothell Landing.  We had about 35 seconds of sunshine and then it was a mad dash to see if we could beat the raindrops- but we did it!

It's so fun watching the girls grow and change every year- both are so pretty and with their own very unique looks.... going to be so gorgeous as they grow up!

Thanks for playing in the rain with me guys!
xoxo Didi V.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Sparks family

You remember my handsome friend Cody, right?  Well meet the rest of his beautiful family!
We caught some good laughs and some  sweet light at sunset a while back at Howarth Park.
A whole lot of good looking happening in this family, that's for sure!
Thanks for coming back to play with me folks!
xoox Didi V.

Back 2 the Present

Last night I shared the vintage doo-opp of Tommy & Ilene's anniversary session... and now I bring you the fun hip & now version....

Thanks for choosing me guys- you're done!
xoox Didi V.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"In the Mood.... oh joy!"

Ba da-da-dat dat duh duh da duh de de duh..... can't you just hear Benny Goodman and his orchestra playing "In the Mood"????  Or the Andrews Sisters with "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"?
We did a little vintage nod with Tommy and Ilene as part of their 20 year anniversary and it was scream!
She loves the vintage look and he was a career Navy man- so this was the perfect combo!
We had the fabulous L. Sam Samano on hair and make-up and my girl Fi-Fi on props- add some Absolute wild tea and lemonade and a gorgeous evening.... magic!