Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Take a "stab" at what my favorite holiday is..... LOL!
I tend to go a bit overboard when it comes to Halloween....
I love to decorate both the interior and the exterior of our happy little suburban home... and at the end of the decorating day- if it hasn't run away on it's own- it's been decorated. 
My house this year was once again dripping in Halloween and  the creep-tastic!

I'm sure it's because I'm and All Saints baby- so pretty much every birthday I've ever had has been Halloween based... and I love it!  I've been collecting decor for years... and now that my kids are getting older- I can start to bring the dramatic rather than just the "cute"...   And this year, they were really able to help, create and cook and it is making the holidays just that much sweeter.

Gabbi is and always has been a horse nut- so when Onika found several components of an equestrian outfit at our favorite 2nd hand haunt- it was as if the costume Gods were trying to tailor the perfect costume for my girl this year.

Not surprising that Onika wanted to be a Vampiress- again.... {for the umpteenth year in a row...} just with better accessories.... LOL-  Oh well- she rocked it.

We had a fun little get together with friends and neighbors and rocked the pre-trick-or-treat snack and the post-frozen children dinner.... witch's fingers, chocolate chip cookies, home-made chili bar, spiced apple cider and a jack-o-lantern pizza.... goodness on a plate!

I even got in on the action as a sugar skull pulled from el Dia de la Muerto lore.  I had fun with it- but felt bad- I scared the pants off of several little ones who came to "twik o tweet" my house.... they were definitely NOT ok with whatever I was and where the heck was Mrs. Miles at?????

Hope you all had a fab Halloween!!!
{and now... back to work for me}
xoxo Didi V.

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