Monday, April 26, 2010

Brian & Ashley

Ahhhh...... all that's well ends well...... as the saying goes.

You would never- EVER know from this first shot- that we had every kind of weather shift- short of a tornado Saturday! It was absolutely crazy weather! We'd head outside to utilize the beautiful grounds of Wine & Roses Country Estates- sunny and nice- and the skies would open up and pour- and chase us back inside. We'd get inside and take some shots and the sun would come back out..... (we did this dance several times...)

But with a beautiful venue and a gorgeous couple- you can't help but end up with something good! These guys were so good natured and fun- and nothing short of theatrical- they posed and hammed it up well- made me giggle- love that! And they are so cute together- it was fun to just keep shooting while they talked and teased each other.

There are oodles of images to sort through- but for now- this will have to do!

Guys- have a fab honeymoon! Thanks for including me in your day!

If you'd like to see more about the venue:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whine a little...

Anyone want to venture a guess as to where I was this weekend??????

Ok- I'll tell you.... only the yummiest place on Earth... NAPEEQUA!

More to come- but I'm tired- and it's been a crazy good weekend......
There's a newly re-vamp'd tasting room and new releases and TRUFFLES... yes- Napeequa infused TRUFFLES!!! For you wino-choco-luvas..... THIS is THE answer for you. Run- don't walk to the tasting room or a PC near you and order a box NOW!!!!! OMG... Can you say oral sensation??????????????????

Legs for days....

I WISH....... I could share more from Friday's pin-up session (there are soooo many to choose from).... 'cause they are Go-rg-eous.......... but this will have to tide you all over... a crazy sexy pair of uber long legs- great shoes- and a body that is amazingly well toned..... and all of her hard work at the gym- shows!

He will be wonderfully surprised my dear......Congrats.... xoox Didi



I know-I know......I've hummed that tune before here on MyCrazyCrazyLife- but sometimes.... if the shoe... fits.... you've gotta go with it!

Our street was a-buzz with kids and activities today!

Everyone was outside enjoying this glorious spring day. Lots of lawnmowers running and kids riding bikes and yelling and playing.

My Ellie-Ellie from next door was so happy to have some one on one play-time with my girls today. It was the rice bucket and bikes and sidewalk chalk masterpieces.... and Ellie's cousin Jo-Jo stopped by with Grammy for a quick visit- and I'm not sure how I've missed this little beauty until today... but I had to grab my camera! Those eyes and polka-dots were magic!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Post cards from home....

Postcards from home....

I look at some of the photos I've shot on my two recent trips to Idaho and I see quick glimpses of country- home- a simpler life and time.... gentleness and peace....

I had wanted to photograph my mom's service and her gorgeous urn- because that's how I usually do things... I go with my gut.... and I catch life through my lens- But I didn't do that- and now I regret it.

I try so hard to find beauty in the unexpected..... but I also figured that people would think I've finally snapped and cracked like an egg! So for Papa's service- I aked my family if I could do this and they all agreed it was fine....

And I'm also preparing for my first art exibit- I'll be showing with dad at US Bank on Main in G'ville over the 4th- so I needed some cowboy stock.

So here are a few shots from last weekend. I miss you Mom and Pappa!

Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter- Happy Spring!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I know- I'm two weeks late on that one (I've had drama....forgive me please????)

Here are just a few snapshots (shot on the run Easter morning) from our trip to Anthony's in Kirkland with the whole Miles Clan. What a gorgeous day- we even went for a walk afterwards... almost got blown into the lake- but it was gorgeous!

The gaggle of girls is growing up so fast- first Easter in 10 years that we didn't need a high chair or a booster seat!

Hope you all had a gorgeous and happy Easter! xoxo Didi

Tulip Time

Ahhhh.... Spring in the Pacific Northwest! April can mean only one thing.... the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

I am a bit behind in posting- and we were a tad early for the blooms....these were shot two weeks ago- and I'm sure that the fields are fully open now and totally perfect- if you are looking for something fun to do- you should run up and see- grab lunch and bring your mud boots for the kids- let em romp and get some fresh air!

I didn't get any super great shots- had cold wet and super windy conditions- but they are colorful. :) Hope they make you smile- have a great day!