Thursday, April 1, 2010

Looking for the brighter side....

As I was driving across Eastern Washington and headed through the Palouse Friday, I was struck by what an absolutely stunning cloud day it was- and of course - now we know why..... Papa was smiling down on a gorgeous spring day- perfect blue sky, sunshine and big puffy clouds sat atop a freshly plowed field.... that is a country boy's perfect day right there!

After we reached Lewiston, my girls left chalk messages all over the patio and sidewalk- a child's way of saying good-bye - so sweet and pure- and I loved it.

Once we were back up on the prairie- I had to soak up the sunshine and go for a walk- have some alone time- of course on the farm- there's never alone time.... one or all of the critters wants to tag along.... so I had the company of 3 of my favorite four legged friends. And they were good for my soul- all of them loving on me. (muddy paws and muzzles and all)

It's no mystery why my family still resides here- life is so much more colorful- simple and beautiful and content to just be.... the recipe for life that I sometimes neglect to employ in my own everyday...... and that even the rain is a joyous treat!

We need that rain for the obvious- but the metaphor was summed up in this shot I think.... the storms roll in and out of lives for a reason- it nourishes us, makes us cling tight to each other when the thunder and lighting roll and we're afraid, and it makes us smile to see the rainbow and blue skies once the storm has moved on through. Without those big storm clouds- our sunsets would be a whole lot less colorful.

And at the end of the day- we can look back and say- bye-bye rain and hello Sunshine!

Find some sunshine today- even if it's behind a cloud! xoxo D

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Heidilynn said...

Damn girl this made me cry. You are balm for my soul . Love you