Monday, October 27, 2014

Miss Natalie

Just a gorgeous girl and a handsome mystery man strolling through the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.... and oh, yeah- they got married!

There's SO much beautiful from this sweet little elopement but we have to keep the handsome grooms face a mystery....  

So for now, we will focus on his gorgeous girl and some sweet details.

Congrats guys- you were a great way to spend an afternoon!

Xoxo Didi V.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

K-fam cuteness

Daphne's crew is so stinking cute!  

Lizzy has grown up soooo much since our last visit- so mature all of a sudden!
Scotty is still just quiet shy guy- who was teething like a mad man the morning of session...
 but boy did he look sharp!

Love watching this family grow :)
Thanks for playing with me at the Olympic Sculpture Park guys!

xoxo Didi V

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This has been one of those summers where I'm starting to feel like the years are quickly catching up to me.... I've been photographing so many young adults lately,  that I've know for a very long time... 

Like this beauty for instance...I've known her since the day she was born as a matter of fact.... because she's my cousin!

Because I'm sure you were all thinking hmmmm she looks familiar... it's because she and her momma and I all look a LOT a like! (lucky girl, right???? LOL!) 
We have some crazy strong genes in this family!
Ivy my beautiful girl- I wish you a wonderful senior year and a bright future doing what you love kiddo!

xoox Didi V.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Roderick J

Handsome guy Roderick J is an LSHS senior. 
His smile lights up the joint... he's the quiet rock star type... and he was not camera shy at all!
{and he likes playing football... only just a little bit....}
We wore out every last drop of photographic light on his session!!  
I LOVE it when seniors are into having their photos taken- 
Makes my job a breeze!

I'd wish you luck- but I'm pretty sure you won't need it man! :)

Mike & Eyes...

So it's totally a cheese entry.. but forget the candy Mike & Ike...
Let's talk Mike and those EYES! Whoa!

WHS senior Mike F  had me when he stepped out of the car.... 
We dodged the rain drops and fog at Evergreen Arboretum - 
and I had a great time with this very outdoors-y guy!

Have a great year Mike! :)

Austin O

JHS Senior Austin O is a man with a plan...