Sunday, February 28, 2010

And she's off!

On a whim this weekend- I dug my old shot put and discus out. Oni said she wanted to learn how to throw- and based on her incredible growth jump- figured this might be a good time to start her out.

I started her out- in the rain yesterday- with just a soft ball- and since just about broke out the windows out front... we quickly moved to the shot! Her age group would actually be throwing with a 6 lb shot.... but we give it a run with my old 8 lb one. She was rockin the standing throw- but we were making divots in daddy's perfect lawn... so today- we went to the school and checked out the ring (that desperately needs to be maintained...). It was a long and tedious workout- we were there for about 2 hours... just trying to break down the mechanics of the throw- and the workings of the glide, about hang-time, and trajectory, angle and speed..... I have now decided that after not touching that thing for 18 years and a decent amount of weight gained over the last two decades.... that making it across that ring- is far more difficult than I remember!

I thought she might fold and give up- but she stuck it out and was proud of her efforts when we got done. We finished up with a short walk/jog. A great way to spend time with my girl today- she's growing so fast- gonna be in high school before I know it, huh?

Hello Hot Stuff!

"Happy Birthday dear" just doesn't seem to cut it when you are presenting your husband with these..... I have known Alicia forever and ever- so I was totally excited when she told me that she was finally ready to do pin-up pix!!!

She is the embodiment of what a few years of wisdom and confidence looks like- and it looks HOT!

(And I'm certain he'll say that his jeep- has never looked so good.....)

Now Alicia will be the first one to tell you that she's nervous about this or doesn't like that about herself.... but after coming to peek over my shoulder today to see what we got...... she's relieved and pleasantly surprised..... her ideas and my vision came together beautifully- even if it wasn't totally what she saw in her head originally.
***Primal- is the only word that comes to mind here.***
We had lots of fun and loads of giggles yesterday & I had the best assistants a girl could ask for- Thank you Christy and Daffney!!! And Alicia- love ya girl- thanks for choosing me!
So as the sun sets on another day...... walk tall, with a little swing in your step... and think, "hmmmm.... I wonder what I look like in someone else's eyes???"
Then call me and say, "D-It's time.... let's go play!" :)
xoox Didi

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lady Tigers Season ender

Well the Winter ball season is over- the girls had a couple of tough games- we didn't win either one this weekend- but Oni did a great job of keeping 8 & 10 points on the boards! The rest of the team just didn't seem to have their heads or their hearts into either game sadly. Now- onto Spring ball..... **I highlighted Oni in this shot- she has really grown this year- she's so much bigger than the rest of the field..we joke that she's baby Shaq!***
The free-throw queen in action.....

Gabbi starting to get the hang of this defender thing.....

Baby Shaq goes up for another 2!!!

Go for the Gold

What a crazy fun, sports filled weekend!!!
My Aunt and cousin and cousin's daughter were on this side of the mountains this last weekend for a gymnastics meet, and my girls had an all weekend basketball tourny... so we were keeping the road hot between the events! We had so much fun hanging out and all 6 of us girls giggling! Alyssa and Gabbi are like peas & carrots and I'm not sure that the three of them ever came up for air when they were together! They did get some swimming and play time in between events tho- and it was good!
Lyssy finally nailed her kip- and her beam routine was amazing! She narrowly missed qualifying for Regionals... but I KNOW she'll hit next time!

I see gold for this one in the future! For such a little girl- she has amazing presence!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday girl

I have to say- I think I get the crappy parent award.... I've been so flippin' busy- that I didn't even stop to post a happy birthday to my baby on Thursday.... our little baby is now a big 8 year old.... where did it go???

Here's the couple of quick snaps I got as I hurriedly whipped up birthday pancakes (heart shaped with the fried egg in the center) and opened gifts and got ready for school- that's a lot to fit into an hour, huh?

It's been two weeks of birthday parties and celebrations- now- to hug and squeeze my valentines tomorrow! :)

Happy Valentine's day y'all!

You know that you've spent too much time.....

You know that you've spent too much time at the computer when...... you start making Warhol-esque collages out of a baby's photo! :)

Seriously tho- I've been chained to my desk for the last 10 hours- and believe me- I've gotten a TON done! I'm most proud of myself... (and have to thank my awesome hubby for taking the girls on a "date" for lunch, shopping and the movies).

That enabled me to crack a bottle of wine, turn up the music really loud and sing at the top of my lungs while I banged out batch after batch of photos today. :) I'm sure that anyone peering in my windows probably thought I was in need of professional help... but hey- it was fun!

T & R- Miss Adi's pix are done! :) xoox D


OK... so at the possibility of sounding like Homer Simpson for a second here......... MMMMMM..... BEEEERRRRRR!

I had the pleasure of Meeting Barry & Shellane Adams (and their super cute son Porter), owners of The Seattle Beer Authority yesterday. What a cool store- and super hip couple!

If you love beer- you'll love them! Located on Lake City Way in Seattle- they carry 500 different beers with 8 on icy cold tap!!!! They are committed to the "everything beer" concept and it shows!

Worth the drive- go and explore beers from around the world- and the multitude that are locally produced right here in the Seattle area. You can sample what's on tap or purchase by the glass as well. (Some great gifts to be had here for the beer aficionado on your lists or the host at your next get together!)

You can find out more about them at their website here:

Or just pop in and see what they have to offer!

Great meeting you guys! Best of luck in the new venture!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surf's up!

Surf's up! was the theme of the girls' birthday party this year again.... we did a pool party at the high school pool with some of the girls' friends from school.... what a loud and crazy-fun time!!!! (we had so much fun last year- we did it again- for the price- you can't beat it- and there's no prep or clean up!!!! You just show up with your treats and your guests and swim until you become a raisin!) I just wish they didn't have limits on the number of people you can invite... would have loved to incluede so many more!!! Too much fun! I made the confetti Bismark style cakes with banana filling, whipped icing for the topping and different colored sugars for the top- easy and delish!
They were a motley crew- and trying to get them all together for a group photo was a bit like herding cats....
These three are the birthday buddies.... Oni & L on the right are born on the same day and have been in class together all 5 years and H in the middle- is two weeks before- and she and Oni have been friends since before they were born- and in the same classroom 4 of 5 years- and they all love to hang out together- I love that!
I have no idea what was just said here.... but apparently it was quite funny....

The girls were ridiculously spoiled by their friends- and they said last night as we came home and unpacked and unwound from our crazed day, "we're awfully lucky, huh momma?" (pardon me while I get mushy here...) Onika looked at me and said, "Our friends are soooo nice... but I know that @@@@ doesn't really have the money for this gift- should we give it back to her????" I almost cried- we're quite possibly getting it right with this child....

there was a huge build up and some funny clues for this gift- and then when they opened it and realized what it was Gabbi totally freaked out....

We're so proud of our girls- and they are just growing up way too fast...... Happy Birthday my girls!!! I love you so....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Valentine's gift he'll never forget...

I love a lady who plans ahead.... and Holy guacamole is her husband going to be surprised!

I met with Miss M on Sunday for some pin-up fun to send to her husband who is currently serving overseas in a very hot and sandy place.....

When I asked how long he'd been out of country her answer was 7 months.... and when I asked how long they had been married- her answer was 7 months..... wow- can you imagine having to let your hubby go during the time that should be your honeymoon???? Talk about sacrifice! ( A big thank you goes out to this family- and to all the other military families who make this kind of sacrifice to keep the world a safer place!!!!)

And thank you to Miss D, who I'm sure you'll remember as Mrs. Clause in my December posts... who came up to hang out and be my assistant for this shoot! What a fun day!
SO.... I think it will go without saying- that these photos will I'm sure be instrumental in his wanting to get home and pick up where he left off with his new bride! :) Miss M- best of luck to you both! Thanks for coming to play with me!

*can I just say- I love how this shot came out...I love the blown-out effect!*

What a shot- I'm sure he misses this pretty view...sweet dreams!