Sunday, February 28, 2010

And she's off!

On a whim this weekend- I dug my old shot put and discus out. Oni said she wanted to learn how to throw- and based on her incredible growth jump- figured this might be a good time to start her out.

I started her out- in the rain yesterday- with just a soft ball- and since just about broke out the windows out front... we quickly moved to the shot! Her age group would actually be throwing with a 6 lb shot.... but we give it a run with my old 8 lb one. She was rockin the standing throw- but we were making divots in daddy's perfect lawn... so today- we went to the school and checked out the ring (that desperately needs to be maintained...). It was a long and tedious workout- we were there for about 2 hours... just trying to break down the mechanics of the throw- and the workings of the glide, about hang-time, and trajectory, angle and speed..... I have now decided that after not touching that thing for 18 years and a decent amount of weight gained over the last two decades.... that making it across that ring- is far more difficult than I remember!

I thought she might fold and give up- but she stuck it out and was proud of her efforts when we got done. We finished up with a short walk/jog. A great way to spend time with my girl today- she's growing so fast- gonna be in high school before I know it, huh?

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