Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello Hot Stuff!

"Happy Birthday dear" just doesn't seem to cut it when you are presenting your husband with these..... I have known Alicia forever and ever- so I was totally excited when she told me that she was finally ready to do pin-up pix!!!

She is the embodiment of what a few years of wisdom and confidence looks like- and it looks HOT!

(And I'm certain he'll say that his jeep- has never looked so good.....)

Now Alicia will be the first one to tell you that she's nervous about this or doesn't like that about herself.... but after coming to peek over my shoulder today to see what we got...... she's relieved and pleasantly surprised..... her ideas and my vision came together beautifully- even if it wasn't totally what she saw in her head originally.
***Primal- is the only word that comes to mind here.***
We had lots of fun and loads of giggles yesterday & I had the best assistants a girl could ask for- Thank you Christy and Daffney!!! And Alicia- love ya girl- thanks for choosing me!
So as the sun sets on another day...... walk tall, with a little swing in your step... and think, "hmmmm.... I wonder what I look like in someone else's eyes???"
Then call me and say, "D-It's time.... let's go play!" :)
xoox Didi

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Christy said...

I do not have words! Thanks for so much fun as usual :) Love you!