Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hooray! I'm getting caught up again! T&T will pleased to know that not only did we put the fun in family photos- theirs are done and will go out this week! Woo-hooo! We did manage to get the standard pose family shot for the Xmas cards... but these are so much more fun!


I love, love, love this shot! T and his little girl are so sweet here- if you've ever read the children's book "Do You Love Me Mama?".... then you'll recognize the text I inserted onto the photo.... but thought it was just so fitting.

I love you more than the moon and the stars and the rivers and the trees.... I love you forever and ever and always......

Sunday, September 28, 2008

pretty princess

What a gorgeous day today!!!! This is why I live here- days like this- temperate, gorgeous days like this.

Half the neighborhood is in my front yard playing- they are playing school right now... I have the door ajar so I can hear them- but not totally spy on them- and I don't have to see the mess and be frustrated- just let them play and deal later. :) LOL!!!

I did manage to catch a few shots at noon today of them tho. We were all lazy bones and got dressed late. I cam down from taking a shower to find them both dressed in the dresses I had made for them- and as adorable as they were- I was afraid there was a bigger plan at stake here.....no- they just wanted to look pretty (hence why the door is ajar... our neighborhood comprised of a lot of boys their age.....) help me LORD! :) But overall- I feel greatly blessed on days like this.

#1-I love that they love it when I make a dress just for them.

#2-that as irritable as they can be with each other some times- that they really are bestest friends.

#3- that we've had friends and neighbors drop in all day- just to say "hey", or "here- try this-I just made this!" or "let's watch the race today"....

It has made for a really great, and sanity saving weekend- I needed this time- I've played, eaten well, enjoyed my family and friends and I took pictures- just for me. :)

I will resume working diligently on everyone ele's stuff this week- PROMISE!!!!!

It's red, it's hot....

.....And sadly- it's not mine.... but I do get to oogle it often.

My neighbor Josh had his 57 T-bird out and was tinkering with it today. And I had just finished snapping a couple shots of the girls when this funny looking turquoise car pulled up. Capt. Jack was his name and he arrived in his Amphicar- a hybrid boat/car from the ealry 60's.


for more on this funny little car. They were on their way down to the lake for a drive/boat ride.... such a funny little car! And a funny old guy- a treat to meet today!

I have a deep love of classic cars thanks to my daddy John and uncle Frank and my first vehichle was a 1952 Chevy 3 window pick up- and I drove the daylights out of it!

So it's great fun for me to photograph these two cars today. Captain Jack's Amphicar and Josh's sassy little T-bird are contrast and comparison all in one.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today's offerings....

More from today- there was just so much gorgous produce, fun whirly-gigs and gorgeous flowers out in the green houses that I could have played all day there- not to mention all the fabulous gourmet foods and wines inside the shop at Smallwood!


Luck- that's exactly how I feel today!

Ahhhhhhh.....fall..... crisp mountain air, leaves changing color, the smell of brautwurst grilling on the bbq, the obscure sounds of the chicken dance playing somewhere in the background- and lots of people in funny hats and lederhosen! Welcome to Leavenwoth, WA- a quaint little Bavarian-Alpintown nestled into the altitude of the Cascade mountain chain..... man- I should work for the travel board! LOL!!!!!

My dear friend Heidilynn and I have had today on the calendar for over a month. And despite a bit of a slow start and a few tears from some completely exhausted children (ours and many others around us....) the day was flawless! Simply gorgeous weather- 76 with a mild breeze- not a cloud in the sky.

We stopped and did all the silly things that we always say "no.... next time" to or that you know the husbands would give you the eye roll or "hurumph".... we ate all forms of sugar (natural and artificial) and yummy junk food, took in a parade, played at the pumpkin patch/farm out in Pashastin (I love, love, love Smallwood- if you get the chance- sail on through on HWY 2 just outside of Leavenworth is... well- I'm really not sure if you can even call it a town- or a hitching post... but whatever you call it- it's fun there!) Stopped on roadsides several times to snap a photo-(I played frogger zipping across the hwy to the river to try and capture a shot) and then drove to the middle of nowhere to yet another hitching post called Plaine, WA. We dropped in on my friends David, Michael and his adorable wife Annie at the Napeequa tasting room. We had to check out some of the new releases- and the new Trillium Rose- oh yum- this is not your g'ma's pink colored wine.....yum! Light and slightly sweet- oh... so I came home with one of those and the 2005 Malbec reserve for hubby- one of his favorites from Napeequa. And because the kids had been so good all day- we stopped on the way out of town at the 59-er Diner (kitchy 50's style diner with killer chilli-cheese fries and authentic real, hand dipped- honest to goodness milkshakes.....and it was so worth it! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

We were all exhausted but in a great and blissful way- we were all giddy and giggly all the way home- all five of us singing nursery rhymes to keep T occupied, "eye-spy", "look- a horse/cow/barn/train..... whatever would keep the exhuasted kids from realizing just how tired they were. they took random cat naps- but will sleep like bricks tonight!

Heidle & T- you rock- and I had so much fun today- thanks for coming to play- I love you so!

xoox D

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tea for two....

My neighbor K was telling me about this adorable little outfit that she has purchased for her baby girl- so I said, come on over- let's play.. Soooo cute- resembles the old style Pea Coats from an era gone by..... and she was quite patient for someone so little- and for there being so darned much to explore today on a sunny morning!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fresh flowers..

A super cute fresh face to go with the fresh flowers! Miss T shot her senior portraits with me on Tuesday afternoon (make-up shoot for Saturday with the lovely rain....) at the arboretum. The weather was gorgeous- deceivingly chilly tho- but we got some great shots- of course with eyes and a smile like this- it's hard not to!