Sunday, September 14, 2008

The new 29.....

"They" keep saying that 40 is the new 30.... but I'd say this gal looks like she's in her 20's......She beautiful, super fit, and super confident and was a scream to work with! :)

I have to share with you- (with her permission) one of the three ladies that I shot today. I was approached a bit over a month ago by Corina (long story short a friend of a friend...) to do something fun and out of the box for her husband for the holidays and because she had recently turned 40.
So I met her a week ago with one of her best friends who had driven for over an hour to meet me. We decided to capitalize on the forcasted weather to be gorgeous this weekend- and it was..... We each made several calls to friends who had friends who could possibly hook us up with rooftop access- no dice.
Then- came our saving grace.... Tanya at Tiffany Talent (who represents the kids as a model and talent agency)
called and generously offered her loft space on the waterfront in downtown Seattle. It's a great space... but I don't shoot indoors- and don't have all the lightboxes and flashes, etc to do so.... so I was super nervous about shooting indoors. We basically had to dismantel the loft in front of all of the windows so that we could utilize any and all natural light coming in.
Overall tho- I think we can say it was a success......

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