Monday, September 22, 2008

A great way to spend a sunday afternoon.....

Hold onto your hat.... this little angel could steal it and your heart! What a doll-baby! And patient..... my goodness.... she was hanging it out there in a diaper, and several clothing changes and didn't fuss once! Just a happy, happy girl! Mommy and her look-a-like sister were a giggle-a-minute- we had great fun playing dress up in the park! We were slated to play on Saturday- and it was raining sideways.... so we had to cancel our play date.... but miraculously on late Sunday afternoon- the clouds parted (while I was shooting Tom & Ingrid's wedding- thank heavens....) so I called M and said- "I have sun here- wanna come and play?????" A great way to spend a Sunday Afternoon!

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