Sunday, September 28, 2008

pretty princess

What a gorgeous day today!!!! This is why I live here- days like this- temperate, gorgeous days like this.

Half the neighborhood is in my front yard playing- they are playing school right now... I have the door ajar so I can hear them- but not totally spy on them- and I don't have to see the mess and be frustrated- just let them play and deal later. :) LOL!!!

I did manage to catch a few shots at noon today of them tho. We were all lazy bones and got dressed late. I cam down from taking a shower to find them both dressed in the dresses I had made for them- and as adorable as they were- I was afraid there was a bigger plan at stake they just wanted to look pretty (hence why the door is ajar... our neighborhood comprised of a lot of boys their age.....) help me LORD! :) But overall- I feel greatly blessed on days like this.

#1-I love that they love it when I make a dress just for them.

#2-that as irritable as they can be with each other some times- that they really are bestest friends.

#3- that we've had friends and neighbors drop in all day- just to say "hey", or "here- try this-I just made this!" or "let's watch the race today"....

It has made for a really great, and sanity saving weekend- I needed this time- I've played, eaten well, enjoyed my family and friends and I took pictures- just for me. :)

I will resume working diligently on everyone ele's stuff this week- PROMISE!!!!!

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Monica said...

Hey there Di,

It's your long lost cousin in Spokane. The girls are beautiful!! So fun to get updated through your blog---- Take care, Monica