Sunday, September 14, 2008

Going green....

And no- I'm not doing anything more stupendous about going green other than following the directions on the bottoms of containers as to whether or not I am able to recycle..... :)

But.... this girl is.... she is so "granola" (in a wonderful way)- fresh faced and adorable --she was my muse late this afternoon- and we played at the aboretum in the gorgeous green grass and trees..... (does that count more toward my going green?????) and another hidden gem of a reclaimed alleyway- turned sculpture park..... ( I have had serendipitous lighting every time......)

She's another one- who over the course of the hour with me- grew up in front of my camera..... and what I mean by that- is that I often get people (often who are under duress to get their photos taken- for whatever reason....) who are totally timid or lacking in confidence- either in their appearance in photos or in themselves..... and by the time we finish up- and I've beem able to show them on the digital display, who I see looking back at me when I'm photographing them- is a totally different person than who I started with.

And often, they walk a bit taller and with more purpose afward- because I've shown them something they didn't know they possessed. :) I love that! :)

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