Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aahhhhhhh...... I can't believe that Saturday has come- and essentially gone already today. Work at the firm has been mentally exhuasting this week (as much as I like having three days off- it just doesn't pay anymore....too much ground to make up later in the week.)

Ron is off all day at the Husky game- a little birdie told me they lost-- so I'm sure he'll be bummed- but I'm sure he had a grand time with the Tyee cronies (and I mean that in an affectionate way- so no one bristle up on me here).

I had an early morning consult - folks drove from Tacoma (an hour away) to meet me and view my portfolios- bless them. That's a long drive if we didn't hit it off! :) LOL! Can't wait- they will be a scream to shoot!

And after a marathon errand session this afternoon and a late afternoon family shoot at the arboretum- we girls are winding down a bit. Kids are playing and I'm going to relax and crack this bottle of wine I picked up today.... and I guilt-i-ly have to admit- I bought it on the bottle alone- the kids said it made them think of G'ma Vicki and her blue kitchen. I had to agree- so here's to you mom- I'll save the bottle for you- it's a happy little Reisling- light and fruity.

The girls and I have decided that we're going to make breakfast for dinner.... so we're going to pull some of those lucious blueberries that we picked last weekend in our pancakes and do a Denver scramble (I have some of those mini-sweet peppers in the fridge that will rock sauteed with some onion and chopped ham, smothered in cheese and blueberrie hot cakes.......) ok- now I'm hungry.... must go and cook.

And then- I think we'll have a movie night and perhaps paint toes. :)

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