Saturday, September 27, 2008


Luck- that's exactly how I feel today!

Ahhhhhhh.....fall..... crisp mountain air, leaves changing color, the smell of brautwurst grilling on the bbq, the obscure sounds of the chicken dance playing somewhere in the background- and lots of people in funny hats and lederhosen! Welcome to Leavenwoth, WA- a quaint little Bavarian-Alpintown nestled into the altitude of the Cascade mountain chain..... man- I should work for the travel board! LOL!!!!!

My dear friend Heidilynn and I have had today on the calendar for over a month. And despite a bit of a slow start and a few tears from some completely exhausted children (ours and many others around us....) the day was flawless! Simply gorgeous weather- 76 with a mild breeze- not a cloud in the sky.

We stopped and did all the silly things that we always say "no.... next time" to or that you know the husbands would give you the eye roll or "hurumph".... we ate all forms of sugar (natural and artificial) and yummy junk food, took in a parade, played at the pumpkin patch/farm out in Pashastin (I love, love, love Smallwood- if you get the chance- sail on through on HWY 2 just outside of Leavenworth is... well- I'm really not sure if you can even call it a town- or a hitching post... but whatever you call it- it's fun there!) Stopped on roadsides several times to snap a photo-(I played frogger zipping across the hwy to the river to try and capture a shot) and then drove to the middle of nowhere to yet another hitching post called Plaine, WA. We dropped in on my friends David, Michael and his adorable wife Annie at the Napeequa tasting room. We had to check out some of the new releases- and the new Trillium Rose- oh yum- this is not your g'ma's pink colored wine.....yum! Light and slightly sweet- oh... so I came home with one of those and the 2005 Malbec reserve for hubby- one of his favorites from Napeequa. And because the kids had been so good all day- we stopped on the way out of town at the 59-er Diner (kitchy 50's style diner with killer chilli-cheese fries and authentic real, hand dipped- honest to goodness milkshakes.....and it was so worth it! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

We were all exhausted but in a great and blissful way- we were all giddy and giggly all the way home- all five of us singing nursery rhymes to keep T occupied, "eye-spy", "look- a horse/cow/barn/train..... whatever would keep the exhuasted kids from realizing just how tired they were. they took random cat naps- but will sleep like bricks tonight!

Heidle & T- you rock- and I had so much fun today- thanks for coming to play- I love you so!

xoox D

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Heidilynn said...

I had such a wonderful time in Leavenworth with you Didi and the girls. I know Trenten was in heaven. Seeing the place again, in time for the Leaf Festival, the parade, bounce houses, horses, McD's, pumpkin patch, honey crips apples and wine tasting before the 59er milkshake!!!!! ummm yes we had a wild day of it. THANK YOU Can't wait til our next adventure.