Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's red, it's hot....

.....And sadly- it's not mine.... but I do get to oogle it often.

My neighbor Josh had his 57 T-bird out and was tinkering with it today. And I had just finished snapping a couple shots of the girls when this funny looking turquoise car pulled up. Capt. Jack was his name and he arrived in his Amphicar- a hybrid boat/car from the ealry 60's.

for more on this funny little car. They were on their way down to the lake for a drive/boat ride.... such a funny little car! And a funny old guy- a treat to meet today!

I have a deep love of classic cars thanks to my daddy John and uncle Frank and my first vehichle was a 1952 Chevy 3 window pick up- and I drove the daylights out of it!

So it's great fun for me to photograph these two cars today. Captain Jack's Amphicar and Josh's sassy little T-bird are contrast and comparison all in one.

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