Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bluest eyes I've ever seen......

This a senior photo from a few years ago.... and I've known this girl- (who is now a gorgeous woman) and her family, for most of her young life.

And NOW- I get to photograph her wedding this weekend!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! (and so sad... this means irrevocably- that I'm getting old..... sniff-sniff.....)

I went back to peek at her photos so I could map the topography of her face- remember what features I want to showcase... research- it's the benefit to following families over the years. :)

And once again- I know you're all shocked to hear me say this... but it's those eyes- and those freckles- on porcelain skin and silken hair..... she's gonna make a stunning bride!

So- stay tuned for the barrage of photos from this weekends travels.

'Til then- TTFN xoox Didi

Monday, July 27, 2009

How does your garden grow????

No cockle shells here... in fact- what are cockle shells anyway???? And my pretty little maids- are on vacation with their grandparents....... But while I was out watering this evening- I thought I'd take a few shots of the pretties we're trying so hard to keep alive in the heat. :) The colors of this hydrangea caught my eye- in my neighbor's yard... if I were to re-marry Ron- these would be my wedding colors- they make me sing!
Another eye-catching pop of color was this day lily- also next door... I hope that by now, most folks know me well enough to know- that if there is something pretty to be photographed- I just wander like a little kid with ADHD- in a bad way.... pretty soon- I look up and wonder- 'how the heck did I end up over here?'

This delicate looking white bloom- is some weird variety of yucca- it was here when we moved in- and I keep threatening to dig it out and get rid of it- but the blooms are really nice- for the whole 48 hours that they last.... and then it looks spinney and out of place the rest of the year..... we shall see if it gets another stay of execution.

I love the little sweet pea vines curling up to say hello to the petunias in the planter boxes out front.

When I look at this clematis that is running rampant up the trellis on the side of the front porch and threatening to take over like that mad plant in the Rocky Horror Picture Show... I can't help but wonder- do plants posses an attitude? No- really- try not to laugh too hard at me- but you look at a bloom like this- and it just looks snooty- upper crust- (insert tight Brit accent here)
Anyhoo- I hope you take the chance this week to stop and smell the blooms around you and enjoy this awesome summer sun!
xoxo Didi

Life is short......

Eat desert first! My mom and I have always joked that we should make a bumper sticker that said that! (And when your house is filled with the aroma of rhubarb crisp bubbling in the oven.... it's hard to focus on prepping dinner.) But dinner- was no slouch either.....

Since the kids are gone, and I'm taking a few much needed days off to get my head in the game, we got to fix dinner together tonight. It was light and healthy- packed full of flavor- and good for you. Ron makes his salmon in a pouch on the grill- and makes this sweet savory sauce that goes over the top- it's more of a light garlic/caramel- and it's like nothing you've ever tasted!

And then there's the corn... this has so much flavor punch- that you have to taste to believe!!!! If- and I say IF there is any of this left over- it's MONEY on a salad the next day!

Hope you all had a great day in the sun!
xoxo Di

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Those eyes

I know I've said this before- but this family has a collection of the MOST amazing eye colors-ever!
To say that they have blue eyes... is generic. How about, sea-glass, green, slate, turquoise, cornflower, denim, cloud, azure, cyan, indigo, steel, ice, grey, silver, sapphire, cobalt.....I just love eyes in general- on almost all of my photos- It's all about the eyes.... the window to the soul..... the color and texture, the sparkle, the laugh lines....
I babble too much some days.......('ll happy to know guys- your pix are finished!!!! Yeah! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

and the band plays on....

I'm diligently working on every one's photos this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for choosing me!!! The vibrant colors of summer are matched only by the vibrancy of the people I photograph. I am truly blessed to know all of you! :) Since Sam is an actress and vocalist- I decided to put together a little collage of her smile- because it- and her laughter is absolutely contagious!!!!
And while I love everything I shot of Sam last weekend- this shot right here- is worth the price of admission- absolutely stunning!!!!!

Thanks again for making my "job" so fun! xoxo Didi

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out of the Ashes.....

Have a look folks... this is quite possibly going to be the artwork for this young lady's debut album.....

My girl Amy has had an amazing couple of years- and persevered through some devastating life hurdles. She has rediscovered herself- and her music. She's writing and playing again- and has the time booked with the recording studios..... so stay tuned on where you can hear more from her!!!! She also just graduated from massage school......(and having been one of her lab-rats... I can tell you, she's good!)

Today was magic- and I'm so excited to be a part of this process. Thanks soooo much for choosing me- and being my lab-rat when I'd say, "hey- can you climb up on that thing in a ball gown and heels????" You Are A Rock Star!!!!! - I absolutely love working with you! xoxo Didi

****also- A very special to the folks at Sherman-Clay of Bellevue, WA who graciously let us invade their impressive showroom for some shots with one the largest Stienway & Sons Grand piano- that either of us had ever seen!!!!****


This is cutenss in a jar!!!! I'm trying to finish up baby J's pix today- and had to share- I LOVE her eyes!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hello Gorgeous!

What a fun way to spend the evening tonight. I got to meet up with Ellen who came for portrait session with me. We walked and drove all around Everett, taking in downtown, marina, Legion Park and more! Not only is she gorgeous- she's smart... AND she's super nice!

I can totally see her on the cover of a magazine! :) Look for more of this one.....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happily Ever After

Love this shot from Jay & Lovely's day..... your pix are almost done guys- hang in there! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More from the beach....

I'm still wading through the 1000+ frames from our trip to the Jetty on Friday! Too much fun! Paige and daughter Nora came along to play on Friday as well.

It's so fun to get to know Paige outside of work (if she comes to see me AT work- it means something has gone very wrong...) and her daughter and my girls hit it off like old friends.
You've got to savor moments and days like this- because if we blink- they'll be all grown-up and gone. (insert sad face here....)

I love this shot- because she's got such great freckles.... you know how I feel about freckles.....

We found some shade inside this cool fort that some kids had erected from pieces of driftwood. It made for some cool textures....
And remember what I was just saying about 'blink and they'll be grown-up'..... You can see the gorgeous siren that will be emerging from this one in a few short years...those eyes....

These were as we were wrapping up our day and packing- the tide had come in quickly and a cool breeze along with it. Paige was so danged cute with the wind in her hair!

Nora broke out the bubbles and I loved how they looked in the setting sunlight. It was pleasure getting to hang out ladies- thanks for joining us!!!

Dedicatedt to the one I love....

This is dedicated to the one I love..... 14 years ago today- we said 'I do'. We eloped (with family blessings) to the gorgeous island of Jamaica. We didn't take a soul with us- just us and a clergy person and two witnesses from the resort, on the beach at sunset. It was perfect.

We have so many funny stories from that trip and so many memories of our life together. We are so blessed to share this life together. And I couldn't see being married to anyone else- he was made for me and all of my idiosyncrasies! :)

Love you baby!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Scenes from the Beach

Just a few candid snaps from our day at the beach Friday.... Thanks again to all who came to play and take photos!

Just for me....

I have been so super busy with portraits lately, (which I LOVE with a capital L- so keep it comin'!) that I haven't really shot any flower/nature shots. So I took a few minutes after I finished Dave & Teresa's pix to explore the beauty of the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. (right before the monsoon hit and sent Big Bertha and I running for the car)
No clue what the flower names are- but the color & textures were exceptional.

It was a good day indeed!