Monday, July 27, 2009

Life is short......

Eat desert first! My mom and I have always joked that we should make a bumper sticker that said that! (And when your house is filled with the aroma of rhubarb crisp bubbling in the oven.... it's hard to focus on prepping dinner.) But dinner- was no slouch either.....

Since the kids are gone, and I'm taking a few much needed days off to get my head in the game, we got to fix dinner together tonight. It was light and healthy- packed full of flavor- and good for you. Ron makes his salmon in a pouch on the grill- and makes this sweet savory sauce that goes over the top- it's more of a light garlic/caramel- and it's like nothing you've ever tasted!

And then there's the corn... this has so much flavor punch- that you have to taste to believe!!!! If- and I say IF there is any of this left over- it's MONEY on a salad the next day!

Hope you all had a great day in the sun!
xoxo Di

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Roxie said...

I'm thinking about coming to live with you, just for your culinary skills of course!