Friday, July 10, 2009

Today's the day!!!!

Today- I'm going to Jetty Island with the kids.... and five other appointments will be joining me,
for my first ever "Destination Adventure" shoot.

We are going to do mini shoots in the chosen outfits for portraits... then- everyone can change, have a pic-nic, build castles and forts, fly kites, and enjoy their family- and I'll be there capturing all the fun!

It should make for some amazing photos- the weather is crystal clear and warm, and we're headed over to capture the golden hour sun on the sand.

The above photo is from two years ago when 5 of us Ya-Ya's took our 10 Ya-Hoo's to the beach. What fun we had- I can't wait to make new memories today!

Hope you are all enjoying your day and gearing up for another great weekend!
xoxo D

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