Sunday, July 5, 2009

Party on....

As well as it being the 4th of July- it was also G's birthday! So we got to have a party on top of a party- how much better does it get?????
Now, THIS is how you light birthday candles- with the blow torch that was about to light off the fireworks....

MMMMmmmmmm...... Dr. Nicky's mini cheesecakes............ I could eat two, maybe three dozen of these before I slid into a coma.....Just kidding- but they are soooooo amazing!
And she decorated G's birthday cake- how fantastic is that cake??????

My front porch in a rare moment that it wasn't obstructed with screaming children as they ran past with water balloons in hand.....

Or grown-ups talking and laughing

Evan preparing to soak someone...
and wrestling with his daddy

More daddy shenanigans with Dr. Dan & Brooks

Gracie found one of the big girls fancy flip-flops- and was sporting one- count it, one- fancy shoe.

If ever there was an add for a cold one......Dr. Nicky sitting in the sun, watching the kids play with a frosty beverage.... life is good.

Kristin & Mike arrived with some of the best transportation ever- loved the Radio Flyer- and the colors were so perfect with all that gorgeous fruit!
What a fun time- thanks to all who came to hang out!!!!

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