Monday, July 27, 2009

How does your garden grow????

No cockle shells here... in fact- what are cockle shells anyway???? And my pretty little maids- are on vacation with their grandparents....... But while I was out watering this evening- I thought I'd take a few shots of the pretties we're trying so hard to keep alive in the heat. :) The colors of this hydrangea caught my eye- in my neighbor's yard... if I were to re-marry Ron- these would be my wedding colors- they make me sing!
Another eye-catching pop of color was this day lily- also next door... I hope that by now, most folks know me well enough to know- that if there is something pretty to be photographed- I just wander like a little kid with ADHD- in a bad way.... pretty soon- I look up and wonder- 'how the heck did I end up over here?'

This delicate looking white bloom- is some weird variety of yucca- it was here when we moved in- and I keep threatening to dig it out and get rid of it- but the blooms are really nice- for the whole 48 hours that they last.... and then it looks spinney and out of place the rest of the year..... we shall see if it gets another stay of execution.

I love the little sweet pea vines curling up to say hello to the petunias in the planter boxes out front.

When I look at this clematis that is running rampant up the trellis on the side of the front porch and threatening to take over like that mad plant in the Rocky Horror Picture Show... I can't help but wonder- do plants posses an attitude? No- really- try not to laugh too hard at me- but you look at a bloom like this- and it just looks snooty- upper crust- (insert tight Brit accent here)
Anyhoo- I hope you take the chance this week to stop and smell the blooms around you and enjoy this awesome summer sun!
xoxo Didi

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Roxie said...

Amazing and I'm jealous!